Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We also have Cougar Town

Cougar Town is on ABC at 9:30 pm est.

Everyone knows that this is the new Courtney Cox show but what they may not know is that it si pretty funny and has lots of naked menz. Well shirtless at least.

Jules, Cox, is a newly divorced mom with boundary issues - she doesn't have any. She shares everything with her high school aged son much to his shagrin, flashes a school mate (say what you want but she has a GREAT body) and gets caught by him giving head to her hunky, hairy chested one night stand.

Her neighbor, Grayson, is also recently divorced and is sleeping with any girl under 25. This actor is soooo my type. Also floating around is Jules ex, Bobby, a semi-pro ex golfer who get a new job as the landscaper at his sons' high school. We see him cutting the grass shirtless.

The rest of the cast is very enjoyable and includes two Drew Cary Show alumni - Christa Miller and Ian Gomez. As with Modern Family and too many new shows, the pilot and cast was good enough to bring me back for more.


Cougar Town follows the life of recent divorcée Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox). Jules runs a successful business, has the best friends, and a great son. But when it comes to relationships, she has a lot to learn. However, the more Jules puts herself back out there, the more she discovers that the only way to find yourself, is to let yourself go. After all, you only get one chance to experience your 20s. Even if it’s when you’re 40 something.


  1. Hey, Sean. Thanks for the comments and the links. :)

  2. I get the weirdest feeling every now and then that Cox is doing an imitation of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Yes, the eye candy is very compelling on that show!

  3. I love Cougar Town and Modern Family. It's nice to watch a couple of shows where I actually laugh out loud!


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