Tuesday, October 20, 2009

H3N8 Flu Is Truly One for the Dogs

H3N8 Flu Is Truly One for the Dogs

I read this story on another blog last night (sorry I can't find it), apparently there is a doggie flu going around called the N3H8. I clicked on the link to the article "H3N8 Flu Is Truly One for the Dog," and learned it was on FauxNews. As I read the article, I had a difficult time believing it and not thinking it was some sort of joke. First it was on FauxNews - if I can't believe their political news, why should I believe this? Sad but true comment on FauxNews. Second, H3N8? Really? so similar a name to the current flu crisis H1N1 formerly know as Swine Flu? I decided not to believe the article.

About an hour had passed and I hadn't stopped thinking about the doggie flu when it occurred to me, Google it. Duh! What I found was that (and this hurts) the FauxNews article was true. I think this Discover article is better written and more informative. I have two dogs (whose pics are still locked on my recently broken old laptop) who I worry about much more than myself. I could be dying and not go to the doctor but if one of them sneezes, I have the next available appointment at the vet (a bit of an exaggeration but not by much.)

Miss Truvy
(read about her here)


  1. I understand! I used to have a dog and I would make sure that he was taken care of before myself at times.

    Also, not sure if the dog in the pic is actually yours or not, but it is adorable!

  2. Thanks so very much for this post, Sean. I'm forwarding it to all my dogs-owning-&-loving relatives & friends! (I have three dogs.)

  3. thanks for the info. I'd give my life for my beloved pets too.

  4. The first dog pic is a beagle and from the FauxNews article. (I couldn't resist)

    Miss Truvy is mine. She rescued me almost 7 years ago when she was just 1.

  5. Truvy is a doll Sean. All of our "kids" were rescues from the local humane societies. Nicholas and Katie were pulled from areas of the south, where kill shelters are common.

  6. I saw a blog mention it too, and like you, cannot now find it. My dog was *very* sick last weekend, but is now better. I read the article thinking maybe she had the H3N8 dog flu, but no, her symptoms did not match.

    The communicability level is the scary part. If one dog comes anywhere near an infected dog, the healthy one is practically guaranteed to get infected. It reminds me of the super flu in "The Stand".

    I remember that the Avian flu from a few years ago had a nomenclature similar to H3N8 and H1N1. Dunno what it means, but apparently somebody does.


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