Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Honor of President Obama Signing the Mathew Shepard Act

I saw Melissa perform this at the Millennium March in DC.  Once she took the stage, I kept thinking, "she has to do Scarecrow." When she starting singing it, I was unprepared for my reaction. I started crying, and then bawling and then I was outta control. I don't know why, I'm lucky enough not to have been close to any victims of gay bashing but the lyrics are INTENSE.

I was at the concert with my ex (and still very close friend) and he did all he could do to console me but my crying was so dramatic that at least 6 or 7 strangers began consoling me as well and for the duration of the song and my crying, they comforted and hugged me.

This was the first video I looked at for this post and that was enough. I was crying all over again. I need to call Ross whom I will always love. Thanks for the video Michelle.

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A message for those who choose to bash and attack gay people

This is for all you hate filled people who feel the need to spew your venom at people who live their lives different than your own. There is no bigger indication of self-hatred and deeply rooted fear than when a person throws hate and anger upon the world.  


  1. You got me crying too Sean. I'm glad the Mathew Shepard Act is finally law. It's so long overdue.

  2. Very intense...and long overdue. Thanks for posting this.

  3. great song, such a sad story behind it...way to go United States for finally putting the MSA into law!!

  4. Sean, a fitting tribute to the Mathew Shepard Act. Let's hope it doesn't have to be used often and that someday it may never have to be used.


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