Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I recently found this comic on GoComics.com. GoComics.com is a subscription site, about $15 a year, so worth it. It has over 100 comic strips (most of the majors but not all)and numerous Editorial strips including John Sherffius which they email you each day. Another reason we don't need newspapers (kidding.)

One of the comics I discovered on GoComics is Lio. I completely enjoy this strip. Lio is not your ordinary kid (what comic kid is?). He has a fondness for science, bugs, monsters, championing the underdog, building robots and traps, is often bullied but never the victim and seems very happy in life. Lio reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs but unlike C&H, Lio never speaks. If a silent film were to be drawn in comic form, it would be Lio.

Here are several strips from 2006. I thinking this might become a weekly post.








This one's for Prospero and JA.




Project Christopher said...

I nearly did a spit take on the Charlie Brown one.... God that was funny!

cum.lover said...


J@v@JuNKo said...

lol awesome!!! LOVE the zombie one especially!!!

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