Friday, October 23, 2009


I was Googling scissor and thanks to their auto-suggest (or whatever they call it) I saw the suggestion "scissor me timbers," I had a good idea of what I thought I'd see and I was right. What I love is the "used in a sentence" example after each definition.

scissor me timbers
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A phrase used in a south park episode where Mr. or Ms. Garrison explored being a lesbian. Garrison was in bed with another woman "scissoring" (in which two women inter-lock each others legs for sexual arrousal). it is at this time that Garrison becomes excited and says "Oh yeah scissor me timbers!!!".
Lesbian: "I haven't gotten a piece of ass in a while I really wish somebody would scissor me timbers."
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Scissor me timbers
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A variation of "shiver me timbers," a common pirating term, screamed by women during lesbian lovemaking. The term refers to their interlocking legs, which are often spread at an angle similar to open scissors.
"How does this double headed dildo feel, lesbian lover?"

"Scissor me timbers!"
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scissor me timbers
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referring to the sexual postion for lesbains"scissoring"
scissor me timbers we're scissoring!
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cum.lover said...

I love Urban Dictionary & consult it fairly often. Good way for Miss Mary to learn gay smut. Its labelling scheme is most excellent.

cum.lover said...

Larry Ohio said...

Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh!

Davelandweb said...

One of my fave South Park episodes!

Stan in NH said...

Nice post. I love that episode. :) Thanks for visiting my blog and posting the link to the video of Alan Grayson verbally thrashing Paul Broun. That was sweet stuff!

Kyle said...

Sean, it is one of our favorite shows. It never gets old and never stops pushing the envelope.

Anonymous said...

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