Friday, October 30, 2009

WOW! This Is Soooo Cool!

Last night I was left this comment from the very cute and talented author of "The Meaning of Lila:"

Blogger John Forgetta said...

Thanks, Sean, for posting my comic strip. That was very nice of you! -- John

I posted Lila the other day and will in the future. I would have posted Lila sooner but only just learned how adjust the size so it would fit. Lia is one of the reasons I subscribe to
"The Meaning of Lila"(blog here) is about a young woman and her gay best friend who are slowly but surely discovering extraordinary meaning in their ordinary lives. I hope you enjoy what is the first mainstream syndicated comic strip to present real-life but humorous topics for and about young straight and gay people.

Lila Mayfield
Lila lives in Lakewood, Ohio in an apartment not far from her folks. She graduated Cleveland State University several years ago and is still working in her first job as a customer service representative for MetroMart, a major corporation in Cleveland. She hates working and admits to having no ambition. Her goal in life is to be the wife of a wealthy man and never work again. She’s not even sure if she wants children. Winning the lottery would be ideal, but she keeps forgetting to play.
Boyd Thompson
Boyd is Lila’s GBFF (gay best friend forever) from childhood. He knew he was gay in high school and came out fairly early in life. It is not a big issue for him and prefers to be identified by his good looks and not his sexuality. He also went to Cleveland State University, lives in the same apartment house as Lila, and works with Lila as a customer service representative for MetroMart. He, too, doesn’t want a career and wants to marry Matthew McConaughy, once California finally approves gay marriage.
Drew is also a childhood friend of Lila’s. She scored very well on her SATs and while Lila and Boyd went to CSU, she went to Kenyon College, an upscale private school in Ohio. She lives near Lila and Boyd in Rocky River, Ohio, and also works for MetroMart, but as a customer service manager. She wants it all -- a career and a family -- and tries her best to motivate Lila.
To get us all in the mood for Halloween this Saturday, John posted a couple of older strips. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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  1. OMG. How amazing and nice are you to post such a complimentary write-up about, Lila. Thanks, Sean. I appreciate the promotion. It's VERY difficult to get a gay comic strip in the newspapers and the more gay people know about it, the better. And I can't believe BOMER is openly gay. That has to be a first for Hollywood, not counting Harvey Fierstein ;-) Have a great weekend, and thanks, again!


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