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You know the story, most expensive movie every made, 10 years in the making and takes film making to a new level. Well, that's the story of making the film, the story the film is about is not new or original but does make for a solid, enjoyable movie experience.

One-hundred and fifty years into the future man has found an extremely valuable mineral on Pandora but their ability to mine the mineral is hindered by the indigenous population. There's the evil, greedy corporation, the heartless Blackwater type security force and the altruistic scientists. For some reason, they have the technology to make Avatars, a combination of human and Na'vi DNA that allows them to breath on the planet and interact with the Na'vi.

There is learning, love, betrayal, conquest, death, heroism, love, resurrection, tears and triumph.

5 FOR:

  1. The film is spectacular, beautiful and full of interesting creatures and lighting. A must see in the theater. I was pleasantly surprised to be moved to the point of tears.
  2. Sigourney Weaver shines. Intense, funny, smart, compassionate, feisty and pretty hot as a Na'vi. She steals the movie from the rest of the cast. I loved Michelle Rodriguez, she kicks ass and has some of the best one liners in the movie.  Giovanni Ribisi (Friends), Zoe Saldana (Uhura in Star Trek) and Dileep Rao (Drag Me To Hell) all contribute nice performances.
  3. At 2 hours and 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes of previews, this is a long movie but the story and action moves quickly and as long as you don't have to pee, you are unaware of the time.
  4. An entertaining movie for people of all ages, tastes and species. You'll make many plot comparisons to other movies, wars and politics but it flows and there were no big plot holes. The movie does have great attention to detail and near flawless continuity. I love continuity.
  5. I love how the Na'vi are connected and a part of all life on the planet. I did see "it" coming. I won't say what "it" is as it could be spoilery.
  1. 3D. I'm not a fan of 3D, I find that it distracts from the film more than it contributes. 3D hurts my eyes, makes reading subtitles difficult, the glasses are uncomfortable and for all the expense and advances in 3D technology developed for this movie, there was no WOW factor. Plus, they charge $5 more for 3D and it is not worth it. (I choose to see 3D to witness the advancements.)
  2. This is not a big negative but is worth noting. The story is not original and you'll have thoughts of American Indians, Aliens (Leave her along YOU BITCH!), Ewoks on planet Endor, and Dinotopia.
  3. Sam Worthington as a human was very flat and actually not that attractive. As a Na'vi, he was multi-dimensional, expressive and sexy.
  4. Man has made amazing technological advancements including, long distance space travel, Avatars and cryogenics but still uses bullets and helicopters. WTF?
  5. The ending was satisfying but too abrupt for a 2 hour and 45 minute movie. Would one more minute be too much to ask for? 


  1. We are going to go see it Christmas day. I'm sure we will like it.

  2. I'm commenting without reading, because I am seeing (finally) on Sunday and don't want any spoilers.

    I am also seeing "Sherlock Holmes," "Nine," "A Single Man" and "Dr. Parnassus" next week while on vacation.

    Have a very, very Merry Christmas, my friend.

  3. I had no interest in this one at all, but I think you have changed my mind....btw: thanx for the rsvp,loved it;)

    Happy Holiday

  4. Thanks for the review. I definitely want to see.

  5. I want to see it! Maybe it will be our New Year movie....Doing my holiday rounds today to my fave blogs! MERRY CHRISTMAS SEAN!! Hope since you have been so naughty...I mean nice...Santa is good to you! XX

  6. Well, we saw Avatar. We had a choice to see the 3D version or standard format. We choose 3D, not worth the 3D. It is a good piece of work.

  7. Love the review Sean. About what I expected from the cast and director. As you know, we won't see it until it is out on DVD, so I'm glad th 3D elements aren't that substantial.

  8. The worst part was: the story was PREDICTABLE. can you tell me you didn't know how it would go 12 minutes into it?

    Rodriguez was great to see - too bad she wasn't in it more OR the heroine!


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