Thursday, December 17, 2009


I'm not sure why I wound up seeing "Up in the Air," I'm more of a fan of George's classic good looks then I am of his movies or acting, but I enjoyed it. The theater was fairly crowded and we laughed throughout the movie.

Ryan Bingham's (George) job is to fly all over the country firing people. Unlike most people, Ryan loves traveling and has elevated it to an art form. In addition, traveling helps to keep his relationships simple and uncomplicated. That's about to change.

First, Ryan meets Alex (Vera Farmiga) a fellow traveler and George with a vagina. Next he meets Natalie (Anna Kendrick) a young go getter who threatens his way of traveling life. "Up in the Air" is an exploration of a man and his interpersonal relations mixed with too many scenes of people reacting to losing their jobs and their way of life.

5 FOR:
  1. George is his usual charming, handsome and humorous self. This role is perfect for him and he shines in it.
  2. Alex in a neck tie -- gave me a woody. Vera is so sexy and hot and more than holds her own with George in charm, good looks and humor.
  3. Natalie is a scene stealer and challenges, "He's too old for me," Ryan. I especially enjoyed their almost father/daughter relationship and the banter there-in.
  4. One of the aspects I enjoyed most about this movie was its exploration of life and relationships and how they change and adapt as you grow older. Natalie's debate with Ryan and Alex is both interesting and potentially depressing but ultimately dead on and a revelation for Natalie.
  5. Funny, funny, funny except when people are crying over their "new opportunities." 
  1. George is starting to show his age - especially around his neck. His skin has an almost gray hue and he didn't give me a woody lying naked (from the nipples up) on the floor. His hair and smile are awesome.
  2. Vera in that neck tie gave me a woody and even left me wanting more! PING! That was the sound of my Kinsey Scale rating sliding in the wrong direction. I better listen to some Cher.
  3. This would have been a better movie for me if it had just focused on Ryan's traveling, relationships and changes to his job and not so much about what his job is. It would have been just as easy to move the story along and the movie could have had more impact. 
  4. Huge, ridiculous, obvious, saw it coming from a mile away cliche Hollywood moment that no one in their right mind would ever decide to do. 
  5.  Right on the heals of a huge, ridiculous, obvious, saw it coming from a mile away cliche Hollywood moment that no one in their right mind would ever decide to do is a second Hollywood moment that a blind man, blindfolded and under a leather hood, in a windowless, doorless, lightless brick room, at the bottom of a collapsed mine shaft could see coming. I felt these "plot twists" were lazy and left me with a bad taste in my mouth for this movie. I don't understand all the positive press and reviews.


  1. Im with you on the whole he looks better than he acts thing....Im torn on this one, just not sure...

  2. Hurry and break out the Cher. We don't want to lose you :)

  3. I want to see this one. It's getting such great buzz.

  4. Sean, twitches in the nether regions over the likes of her?

    Is a Cher intervention going to be enough? Get busy. If that doen't work we are going to have to pull out the big guns and initiate a Big B. S. intervention. Barbra will knock that shit right out of you!

    Seriously, I'm still on the fence with regard to this film. I'm thinking we'll watch it to find out.

  5. Kyle: Sounds like you don't like her? You just have to see the scene. What a bod!

    It was really an enjoyable film until the ending. The more I write reviews the more I'm reviewing the film as I watch it. I'm beginning to feel like I'm more critical of the film, that the review draws it out. You do tons of reviews, what is your experience?

  6. I disagree: Clooney is not showing his age, but slowly turning into Carey Grant.

    I don't know: I haven't wanted to see any George Clooney movies since O Brother Where Art Thou.

  7. Phew. I thought it was just me not getting the buzz about this movie.

    It was fine and all, but there is nothing "oscar worthy" about it.

  8. I went and saw the movie, and wrote my review, before coming back and reading your review. I'm usually good at spotting what's going to happen, but...


    -- I thought he was going to end up getting fired by the newbie in an ironic twist of fate.


    -- He and the newbie were going to fall for each other after she came to understand him and his ways on the road and he would succumb to her innocent charms.

    Neither happened. I didn't see the big reveal coming until just before it happened. I was fooled by her attendance and behavior at the wedding. In hindsight, that probably wouldn't happen in real life but was used by the screenwriter to throw people like me off the track!


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