Monday, December 7, 2009


  1. Meredeth is on Bridget Loves Bernie 
  2. BLB is canceled because viewers objected to the inter-religious marriage
  3. Adam is on American Music Awards
  4. Adam performances are canceled from ABC show because viewers objected to gay dancing
  5. Meredeth and Adam are gay

I remember loving Bridget Loves Bernie and watching it every week with my family. I remember we were all crushed when it was canceled. I will always remember Merideth Baxter for being on that show. I remember Meredith Baxter becoming Meredeth Baxter Birney after marrying co-star David Birney. I do not remember anything else about the show. Nothing. Nada. Then I read this on Wiki:

Bridget Loves Bernie is an American television comedy program created by Bernard Slade, based loosely on the premise of the 1920's Broadway play and 1940's radio show Abie's Irish Rose. It starred Meredith Baxter and David Birney as the title characters, and ran for one season, from 1972 to 1973 on CBS.Baxter and Birney married in real life after the program went off the air.
The series was regarded, at the time, as somewhat controversial since the premise featured the marriage between a wealthy Irish Catholic teacher (Bridget) and a Jewish cab driver (Bernie) whom she met at a bus stop. With a primetime slot between All in the Family and The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Saturday nights, the situation comedy was ranked fifth in the ratings among all shows for that television season. CBS executives decided to cancel the show in response to hate mail from viewers who objected to the inter-religious marriage depicted on the series. It was the highest-rated television program ever to be canceled.
Supporting cast members included Audra Lindley, David Doyle, Harold J. Stone, Ned Glass, and Bibi Osterwald. Lindley and Doyle played Bridget's wealthy parents, Walter and Amy Fitzgerald; while Stone and Osterwald played Bernie's more down to earth parents, Sam and Sophie Steinberg, who owned a delicatessen above which Bridget and Bernie lived, with the Steinbergs. Glass played Bernie's uncle Moe Plotnik. Actor Robert Sampson played Father Michael Fitzgerald, a Catholic priest, who was Bridget's brother, and was more sympathetic with his sister's marriage.
OMG! Mrs Roper was married to Bosley!


  1. I always had a thing for David Birney, even back to bridget loves Bernie!

  2. I always watched BLB with my sister who had a big crush on David Birney. Of course, I did too, quietly. It was the same with Here Comes the Brides and Bobby Sherman.

  3. Audra would come into the
    deli I worked at in
    West Hollywood in the eraly 80's. She was always in a great mood and you just wanted to hug her. What a gal.


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