Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Kiss by John Lustig

Notice...she works for FAUXY NEWS.


  1. It didn't feel too real this morning! I think our Canadian friends are sending down some cold weather!

  2. We have to remember that "Global Warming" is somewhat of a misnomer. "Climate Change" is better. While, yes, the overall temp of the planet is supposed to increase, the result is more hectic and more extreme weather, not simply an overall warming trend. Por ejemplo, here in the Midwest, we've actually had an unseasonably cold Spring and Summer while the rest of the U.S. has been crazy warmer.

  3. Love the comic Sean.

    JP has it right. I think climate change is a much better name to use. Some of the early warning signs are terribly erratic global weather patterns and more instances of extreme/destructive weather(you may see more of an impact depending on where you choose to live). Temps will increase globally, over all, but that doesn't mean every place on the Earth will be sunny Key West. There are hundreds of variables that change how weather plays out.

    The poles see the most impact first and the impact on other latitudes becomes apparent later, with the coasts and agriculture centers being impacted severely. Once the process gets going the it feeds into itself. Its a nasty cycle and it is bound to cause a lot of suffering for all life on Earth. Human beings don't adapt nearly as well as other creatures on the globe. Plants and microorganisms probably adapt the best.

  4. I love that a simple comic can generate so much conversation and sharing of information.

    Thanks JP and Kyle.

  5. Thank the Goddess I live on the 3th floor [2nd in Europe], with those melting ice caps I would have to swim. Most of my country is 4 meters/13 feet under sea level.

    Where's Viggo Mortensen when you need to be rescued?


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