Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The past few days have been amazing and exhausting!

I went out at 9pm Sat night to walk the doggies but there was too much snow -- about 7 inches, there was barely an inch three hours earlier. My doggies don't stand much higher than that so I had to shovel a "Pee and Poop Path" for them in the backyard and then attempted to shovel the driveway and walk but the snow was coming down too fast and the wind was blowing too hard and I conceded after 20 minutes.

(The Tramp and Miss Truvy)

(the pee and poop path)

(Daddy we're finished! Daddy??)

(7.5 inches with way too much girth!)

(Stop with the pics daddy and let's go back inside!)

At 11 pm the doggies decided they wanted out again and we all were dismayed to see no remnant of the Pee and Poop Path. So I bundled up again and dug a smaller path. They took two steps out and decided they could hold it and ran back into the house. It was time for us to snuggle under my big down comforter, finish watching Dr Who and get some sleep because Sunday was going to be a busy day.

(taken at the end of the big dig)

I woke up to a sunny day and 17 inches of snow and snow drifts of 3-5 FEET on the side of the cars for the length of the driveway!! All the doors were blocked by so much snow that I couldn't push them open and had to take out the window in the storm door to dig out. The doggies were getting antsy. It took the better part of the day to dig out. Fortunately, my neighbor finally came over with his snowblower to help finish the job. After a huge bowl of spaghetti and meatballs (my moms blizzard special, she makes it whenever a storm is forcast) it was time to prep the house for my cousin's wedding - cooking, cleaning, decorating and moving furniture.

At 10 pm I learned that I'd have to drive over an hour to pickup the minister because she was too nervous to drive herself on the roads (the roads were fine) but she was very nice and we were able to talk about the wedding, her internet dating, movies and our doggies.

(Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Amanda Soulant)

After driving for two hours, I arrived back at the house and the Wedding commenced. It was a beautiful ceremony attended by over 40 family and friends. After some food and a champaign toast, it was time to drive the minister home. By the time I got back (I encountered two accidents involving flipped SUVs) everyone had left and I started to clean up (my mom was exhausted and sad to say, getting too old to host such big occasions). I had a relaxing evening, a good night's sleep and awoke to a huge problem.

I spent the morning on the phone with the bank because I had thousands of dollars of pending charges I didn't make in my checking account. BOA was pretty good and said I did't have to worry or contact the companies (all internet purchases) but I called the companies that I could - they weren't very helpful saying that my bank would handle it. I'll not see most of my money again for several weeks.

After a 5 margarita lunch, I wanted to download the wedding photos so I could use one for this post but ended up (I'm not very skilled at manipulating digital photos into albums and slideshows so this took a while) creating a slideshow with the wedding music and burning it to a CD. I only had the 104 not so good photos my dad took but the final show was quite nice.

Now you're all caught up so now I can catch up on all my blogs!


  1. sounds like an eventful time, all good but the snow...I so hate to shovel.....Doc who rocked, didnt it? awesome.

    If u get a chance check out my musical party on Mondays blog, you got an invite;)


  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I'm not close to the Pacific Ocean but close enough not to get snow on the ground when it's below freezing.

  3. Geez, you're awfully calm about getting ripped off so badly. I'd be totally flipping out. I'm glad the bank says they can make it all right.

  4. Seeing your snow photos makes me hope we don't get the huge winter storm that is supposed to nail MN starting tomorrow. UGH!!

  5. Glad to see things aren't too bad. I was in the back yard picking oranges bla bla bla, actually it's windy and cold here today. By the way we are also Dr. Who fans.

  6. Seven inches! Pah! Come up to Philly, my friend. I'm about 30 minutes northeast of Center City and we got hammered. My unofficial measure was 23.8" but I have drifts in my back yard as high as 4 feet.

  7. I didn't know you had a Cairn too!

  8. Sean sounds like most of the stay was a wonderful time. I hate to shovel snow when is is coming down so fast, but we have the little ones to think of, so what are you going to do? Glad the wedding went off without many hitches, except the one that was supposed to happen. I'm happy you saw the charges and talked to your bank quickly. That can be a real mess unless you act quickly.

  9. Sean,
    I never thought I would read you complaining about inches!
    The pups are so cute. Mine do not like to go out in the rain, but they seem to love the snow. Wishing you 7 yours the very best from Portland!

  10. Snow is beautiful...stop complaining you guys...you could be down here in South Florida where we don't even know winter has come...the a/c is going and it doesn't seem like Christmas.
    love your blog


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