Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cover Girl Ellen

I love that Cover Girl choose Ellen for three reasons - she's Gay!, she's 50! and she's pretty but not model-pretty.

What kind of gay would I be if I didn't love Ellen? I was a fan of her standup and then her prime-time show. I like her talk show but it's not on my tivo list. Years ago I was lucky enough to win a framed, autographed picture of the cast at a tennis tournament I was playing. It was so funny, before I could even sit down from having collected my prize, I had 2 different people offer me over $200 for it and a third, very hunky man, made a more titillating offer. That last one was tough to turn down, he wouldn't take no for an answer, but at the time, I had someone even better waiting for me back in DC. My friends all thought I was crazy, but then they had yet to meet Troy.

Finally, I had to good fortune to head into Lambda Rising in DC, for some umm reading material, during her mother's book signing for Love, Ellen. What a sweet woman and what a good book. I gave it to my mom for Christmas. One day I'll post pics of them.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Harry Potter inspired by Troll?

I'm watching tv with my nephew today because he's home sick and he puts on the terrible movie - TROLL. I'm not really paying attention but then I hear - "I'm Harry Potter." 

WHAT! Yes, Harry Potter. What year was this movie - 1986. My first thought - is this where JK Rowling got the name, no it has to be a coincidence. Harry was published in 1997. Maybe they both took the name from somewhere else but I don't know. Do you?

Also of interest was the cast:
  •      Sony Bono of Cher
  •      Shelly Hack of Charlie perfume & Tiffiny in Charlie's Angles
  •      Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld of course
  •      Gary Sandy of WKRP in Cincinnati still with his great hair
  •      Michael Moriarty of may things and Law and Order
  •      June Lochart of Lost in Space and Lassie
  •      Anne Lochart, June's daughter & someone on Battlestar Galactica with (see next line)
  •      Noah Hathaway who was Boxey on Battlestar Galactica and was Atreyu in THE NEVER ENDING STORY. According to IMBD Noah is in production for a new Troll movie.
The theme song for The Never Ending Story is one of my all-time favorites. It was sung and I think written by Limahl, former lead singer for one-hit-wonder Kajagoogoo, Too Shy, hush hush.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Office Supply Are You?

You Are a Stapler

No matter how much chaos strikes, you're the one who keeps everyone together.

You cut to the chase, and you're willing to give people an abrupt lesson in tough love.

People may not appreciate you in at times, but everything would be a mess without you.

You would make a CEO. You do best when you can exert your power.

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