Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rosie says it well

what still remains

06.27.09 at 12:13 am in in the newsfamelove 

after i heard he died
we went on the boat 
to watch the sunset 
I felt numb 

nothing - empty 
his life the Hollywood dream 
his death it's bitter truths 

the light once flowed thru him 
directly from the source 
a shining stream  poured out of him 
never ending

few can even imagine the high of that 

and the confusion it must bring 
when u somehow become 
what u saw in the others 
who came before u

the ones who made u dream of dancing
revered him 
fred astaire phoned
the boy from gary indiana

the boy who had the beauty beaten out of him 
by the man who gave him life
then put him to work at 5 
childhood lost 

with no remember when - 2 get back 2 

money cant buy it 
publicists can deny it 
but u must live it 
ur truth 

so what exactly do we mourn
 the man 
the music 
the myth 

we all saw him suffer
as his face fell in on itself 
friends and family unable to reach in 
he unable to reach out 

many made millions 
 looking the other way 
as he invited young boys to his bed
he turned into the thing he loathed 

the man in the mirror
had no idea how to change his ways 

"i've lived my life the lonely 
a soul that cries of shame 
with handicapped emotions
save me now from what still remains"

so now the crowds gather
endless tributes 
 the kind of love and adoration he seemed to crave
and he is not here to feel any of it 

breaks my heart in every way 
for his children 
for the child he was 
for the dreams he tried to live up to 

i turned the boat around 
looking at my 2 young children
happy with the wind in their hair
salty sea spray splashing their tiny faces

a storm was moving in 
there thru the clouds 
a beautiful rainbow appeared
and finally i cried

the only way thru is thru 
start with u 

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