Friday, August 14, 2009

Being Human - Eps 1.4 Sat 9 pm EST


Mitchell makes friends with a boy on the street called Bernie, but after a terrible misunderstanding things turn very nasty and before long there is a full-blown witch-hunt in the neighbourhood.

My friends, this is our darkest hour.

The world of Being Human is tumbling out of control and it's hard to know where it will all end... Mitchell has bitten a human... George is on the cusp of revealing all to Nina... Annie is intent on revenge on murderous Owen... And Herrick is once again up to his usual tricks. Surely he can't bring Mitchell back into the vampire fold... can he?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Advice for Dirk.

This started as a comment for Dirk but by the time I finished it, I thought it would make for a nice post.
When I first moved to DC I wanted to get my first real gay haircut and went to Dupont Circle. I was led to a chair and then Beth came over – I was expecting/hoping for some hot gay guy and got a leather loving lesbian (or so I thought). Beth gave me a great cut and was easy to talk to so I continued to see her.
Soon I had been seeing her for years, had followed her to several other salons and had sent about 10-20 people to her including my current and later ex bf. Ross had the same concerns about seeing Beth as you did going to Tristan’s stylist. (what if he didn't like her or she gave him a bad cut; if he did like her who'd get Beth in the divorce?)
Years go by, Ross did like - actually love Beth - we eventually break-up but decide to share custody of Beth and Beth has her own salon at which Ross and I would freakishly unknowingly time our appointments back-to-back. Obviously Ross and I had remained friends (I set him up with his new and much younger than he BF) and got to talking. We both wanted to break-up with Beth. We both thought she had become less attentive and were tired of her keeping us waiting while she was on-line. Together we decided that we’d stop seeing her but the big problem was that we both lived near her salon which was on the main gay strip and that she was a big fag hag and we’d often run into her in the bars and clubs.
So short story long, we did dump her, didn’t tell, email or phone her and decided that when we finally did run into her we would be pleasant, make eye contact and play dumb (Has it really been that long?) She never asked and we never told.
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