Friday, August 21, 2009

RPT-Chile H1N1 cases in turkeys not alarming, says OIE

PARIS, Aug 21 (Reuters) - The outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus among turkeys in Chile should not be a cause for alarm as animal cases remain minor compared to the pandemic facing humans, the World Organisation for Animal Health said on Friday.

"This shouldn't be turned into a major event," said Dr Monique Eloit, deputy director-general of the Paris-based OIE.

"We are facing a human pandemic...Cases in animals are more anecdotal events," she told Reuters.

Chile's farming and livestock agency SAG announced on Thursday that the H1N1 flu virus had been detected at two farms 75 miles (120 km) west of the capital Santiago, the first time the virus has been found outside humans and pigs. [ID:nLL270385]

The spread of H1N1 to poultry was "not surprising" given that the virus contains human, pig and avian strains, Eloit said, adding the virus was likely transmitted via humans given the large number of human cases in Chile.

After being informed of turkey cases by the Chilean authorities, the OIE was awaiting detailed results in the coming days to assess the characteristics and effects of the flu found in the birds, she said.

The OIE has opposed the use of the term "swine flu" in reference to H1N1 because of the relatively small number of cases among pigs and lack of clear evidence they transmitted the virus to humans.

Initial reports about swine flu prompted many countries to ban pork meat and products imports from North America, although most of these bans have since been lifted.

The H1N1 swine flu virus was first seen in March in Mexico and California. Experts say at least 1 million people have been infected in the United States alone, and in Chile the virus has killed 128 people and infected thousands more during the southern hemisphere winter. (Reporting by Gus Trompiz; editing by James Jukwey)

Being Human - Eps 1.5 Sat 9 pm EST

Disillusioned by his efforts to be human, Mitchell returns to the company of his fellow undead to help recruit new vampires from terminal wards in the hospital. George lures Owen to the house where Annie tries to haunt him but he scorns her efforts. Mitchell meets up with Josie, an ex-girlfriend who now has incurable cancer but she rejects his offer of immortality through vampiricism as unnatural and Mitchell himself is shocked to learn that several of the 'recruits' are unwilling victims. The three house-mates invade the vampires' lair and are rescued by Lauren whom Mitchell finally dispatches out of pity. Back at the house Annie has her final revenge on Owen, driving him mad, but, just as the door appears for her to pass over, Herrick turns up...

Monday, August 17, 2009

A day at the beach

This is the lighthouse at the between space of Fire Island and Robert Mosses.

Long Island, NY has some of the best beaches in the world. Next to Robert Mosses is Jones Beach - if you ever visit Jones Beach go to parking lot 6 and park on the left. The best area to sit and sun is on the left/east side because as you walk away from the crowds (and lifeguard protected swimming areas) you'll enter the nude area and just past that is the gay area. Also in the gay area there used to be lots of cruising in the dunes but I'm not sure there's much of that anymore - the dunes are protected bc they have been damaged by erosion.

This is the end of the day. I went to Robert Mosses field 5 for two reasons. First, to get there I had to drive, in my Wrangler with the top down and the radio blasting, past Jones Beach and then continue on Ocean Parkway for about 25 miles. It is a beautiful, flat, straight stretch of road laid on the sand that separates the ocean and the bay. There are homes and beaches and deer and rabbits and a club (used to be OBI oak bech inn and is now the Beach Hut) and a golf course and at its widest, there is about a mile between the ocean and the bay but on average, it's only about .5 mile.

The second reason is to see the erosion damage done to field 4. It's so extensive that the field is closed indefinitely. I thought I'd be able to walk along the beach but they had it closed off.

All the fields at Jones Beach and Robert Mosses have this same building. When I was a kid, they had the best french fries (they have different one know) but they're still good, especially with a cold beer. Just watch out for the seagulls - they'll take the food right out of your hands. This building also houses the ladies bathrooms and showers on one side the the men's bathrooms and showers on the other.

Aghhhhh, the men's showers. We had gone to Robert Mosses for many years but the summer I was 11 was when the summers took on a whole new experience for me.

As you can see from the pics, they are an enclosed/outside shower and I probably risked my life if not my clean arrest record to take them. Now when I took these, I was going more for the showers themselves then the many hot men I used to watch - I took the longest showers and forever to dry off. I don't have any one particular memory from the awakening I had that summer of '75 but the one burned image is darkly tanned skin glistening under the spray of the showers in the bright sun and sunsets and most of all the white butts left by the speedoos. When I was really lucky, I got to see the lifeguards.

Views of the bridge heading to Robert Mosses and Jones Beach through my car window and by holding up my camera and clicking wildly.

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