Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dexter: Season 4 Premieres September 27

I can't wait! Dexter tries to find a way to balance his family life now that his son is born and his "extra-curricular" activities. That's the gist of Dexter season 4 which premieres this Sunday after more than nine months of absence. But what if there's competition? The series introduces Miami's latest and deadliest serial k*ller to be played by John Lithgow. We'll find out how Dexter will be affected by this new character as the season begins with the episode entitled Living the Dream. Here's more: "Dexter is now living with three kids and a wife in a new home. Along with his new son Harrison, the complexities of being a suburban father of three is making it difficult for Dexter to concentrate on his work. His lack of sleep leads him to let a murderer walk by bringing the wrong documents to court and puts a strain on his life outside of the office."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm A Slut!

The calculator only works up to 50 partners. I've had more than that. It is a bit labor intensive in that you need to choose the age range and sex of each of your 50 sexual partners.

Check The Number Of Indirect Sexual Partners You've Had

You have had 66,010,506indirect and direct sexual partners.

Based on information entered into this calculator, people in your age group have had 3,324,562 indirect sexual partners

This figure represents the number of people you have indirectly slept with, going back six generations of partners. If you'd like to see what the figure is going back just three degrees click the button below.

Whatever your own Sex Degrees of Separation results, it's important to practice safe sex at all times. To learn more, feel free to browse our Guide to Sexual Health.

Back to Sex Degrees of Separation Calculator

The New Lost/Heros? I hope so

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Crazy and Racism is Everywhere

Who would have thought that sweet, hunky and all-American country singing superstar Brad Paisley could become a target for hate similar to what the Dixi Chicks experienced.

Voenix Rising posted this video. I clicked one too many times and wound up on the You Tube page and saw some of the comments. WOW! There're posted after the video.

The embedding was disabled so click here for Welcome to the Future by Brad Paisley. Say what you want but the man sure can wear a pair of jeans.

I have to be honest and agree with those who hate this video too….this video is SO unAmerican and offensive and I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks so=(

southernjake77 (3 weeks ago)
I agree this video is so liberal and pc…. I bet he voted for the tyrant too. and yes its VERY antiamerican

duesouthfreak (3 weeks ago)
I’m sorry but how is this sng “unAmerican”? This is probably the most American song I have ever heard. And how is it offensive? I’m not trying to harp on you I would just like to understand where you are comeing from.

psalms63 (3 weeks ago)
I believe its offensive because Lincoln was offered a peaceful secession by the South and instead he killed 620,000 people in a BS war. His war-crimes were unspeakable! My family line had the union burn their entire crops down when they were unarmed. Read Lincoln Unmasked and you’ll see why standing in front of his monument is offensive to the South.

southernjake77 (3 weeks ago)
Thank you! Someone actually wasn’t taught history by the Govt schools!
This video REALLY is offensive…thanks ashley for the share

duesouthfreak (3 weeks ago)
I see psalms63 thank you for your opinion. I can some what understand why you dislike this video. I will definatly read the Lincoln Unmasked. I live in Canada and we don’t learn anything about the states, except American football is way better then Canadian and that we kicked your ass in the war of 1812. I don’t know why and I would like to learn more about our neighbour.

dinoguy92 (3 weeks ago)
lincon unmasked is a book only talking abut the bad things fisrt off,and the confedercy killed and tourcherd more union soldgers the the union,if you take all of th good things it over does the bad

brmarine1 (4 hours ago)
psalms63 , you are by far the biggest idiot I have ever heard of on any blog. you hold prejudice to someone for something that happened that long ago that really doesnt even affect you. you need to get over it just like everyone else, I hope you dont work with many people because your prejudice will make you look like a fool.

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