Saturday, October 17, 2009

He Walks On Air

Pretty to look at, he has amazing strength as he walks on air @ 1:46. The action starts @ :35 and the dialog is in French but who cares!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


File:Max Brooks Rocket Llama.jpg

Starz had a special on last night, Starz Inside Zombie Mania - exploring the popularity of Zombie movies, that I dvr'd for my nephew. One of the people interviewed/commenting is Max Brooks. My first thought, GAY. Alright, my first thought was he's cute then I thought he's gay. I wanted to know so I Wiki'd him.

Turns out that this cute guy is Max Brooks, the son of director Mel Brooks and the late actress Anne Bancroft. This cute guy is the son of Mel Brooks?? And yeah, he's straight.

He's also the author of

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

which I got for my nephew and wrote about here. The book explains how to survive an impending zombie apocalypse. The book touches on what it describes as pop cultural myths about zombies. He has another book that I have yet to read, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, which deals with the war between the human race and zombies. Both were NYT's bestsellers. Brad Pitt's film company is supposed to be making World War Z.

Monday, October 12, 2009

NIP/TUCK - New Season Starts Wed

So last we time we visited Nip/Tuck:

While Christian and Liz prepare for their upcoming wedding, Kimber finds herself homeless after both Ram and Eden kick her out, in which she asks Matt to look after their baby daughter while she finally learns about Christian and Liz's upcoming ceremony and naturally tries to talk to Liz from going through with it. Christian brings up an idea about being cryogenticly frozen to save his life. Meanwhile, Sean does not know that the seductive Teddy has a double life as the nurse 'Dixie Collins' in Las Vegas and carrying on a tryst of her own with the sleazy Dr. Harlan Frank... who is also unaware of her double life in L.A... and that of her homicidal tendencies.

Our visit ends with Christian learning (shortly before he and Liz set off on their honeymoon) that the doctors made a mistake and he was not dying of breast cancer. Meanwhile, Sean gets together with Teddy and Julia regains her memory.

As the new season begins, we find Christian and Liz in the middle of a nasty divorce. Hell seems to hath no fury like a Liz scorned. Meanwhile, Sean and Christian are having some serious financial trouble due to the credit crunch. I guess Californians are able to live without tummy tucks in times of recession, who knew? However, another plastic surgeon (played by Mario Lopez Mario whose six pack alone will give you enough reason to check it out) might be able to help them get some additional business. The question is, will this be enough to keep them afloat?

Sean and Teddy are still going strong in episode one, however, fans may be surprised that Teddy is no longer played by Katee Sackoff but is now played by Rose McGowan (who I find hard to look at because of all the plastic surgeries she has had). In other news, Matt has himself a crappy day, while Kimber looks for a new career path.

This is the final season for Nip/Tuck. They will do 19 shows which will bring the series total to 100. I have always found the show to be hit or miss and I expect the final season to be no different.

LAST KISS - by John Lustig

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