Saturday, December 19, 2009

SnOMG! It's Snowmageddon!! The Snowpocalypse is coming!!

To quote David Dust, "SnOMG!  It's Snowmageddon!!  The Snowpocalypse is coming!!" Well, not quite yet. The storm will be hitting my area late this evening into the late morning.

My cousin's brother and fiancee are 30 miles north of DC -- they have been driving for 9 hours!

Cool mistake!

Storm at 5pm

Storm at 3:30 pm

The longest journey begins with a single step just as the biggest snow storm begins with a single snowflake.
"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass--It's about dancing in the rain snow."

Storm starting around 1:30 pm


And so it begins...

I'm at my parent's home on Long Island. You can't see it but the snow has just started here and is not supposed to end until we have a good 10-15 non-AOL inches. Late in the afternoon, the wind is supposed to start blowing 20-30 mph with gusts over 50! I was at the store last night buying milk, bread and toilet paper. It's times like this that Netflix is outdone by Blockbuster and Redbox.

I'm here early for my cousin's wedding on Monday. He's just finished Army bootcamp and will begin training as a helicopter mechanic after his honeymoon. Of course the storm has caused all sorts of drama for the wedding already. Matt is stationed in Newport News,VA and all flights were canceled this morning and not rescheduled until Monday (I don't believe this but I'm not checking) so he is driving up to MD to meet his brother and fiancee who are drive into the storm. Ah, young love.

I'll post pics throughout the day. Stay warm, stay safe and stay posted.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I'm not sure why I wound up seeing "Up in the Air," I'm more of a fan of George's classic good looks then I am of his movies or acting, but I enjoyed it. The theater was fairly crowded and we laughed throughout the movie.

Ryan Bingham's (George) job is to fly all over the country firing people. Unlike most people, Ryan loves traveling and has elevated it to an art form. In addition, traveling helps to keep his relationships simple and uncomplicated. That's about to change.

First, Ryan meets Alex (Vera Farmiga) a fellow traveler and George with a vagina. Next he meets Natalie (Anna Kendrick) a young go getter who threatens his way of traveling life. "Up in the Air" is an exploration of a man and his interpersonal relations mixed with too many scenes of people reacting to losing their jobs and their way of life.

5 FOR:
  1. George is his usual charming, handsome and humorous self. This role is perfect for him and he shines in it.
  2. Alex in a neck tie -- gave me a woody. Vera is so sexy and hot and more than holds her own with George in charm, good looks and humor.
  3. Natalie is a scene stealer and challenges, "He's too old for me," Ryan. I especially enjoyed their almost father/daughter relationship and the banter there-in.
  4. One of the aspects I enjoyed most about this movie was its exploration of life and relationships and how they change and adapt as you grow older. Natalie's debate with Ryan and Alex is both interesting and potentially depressing but ultimately dead on and a revelation for Natalie.
  5. Funny, funny, funny except when people are crying over their "new opportunities." 
  1. George is starting to show his age - especially around his neck. His skin has an almost gray hue and he didn't give me a woody lying naked (from the nipples up) on the floor. His hair and smile are awesome.
  2. Vera in that neck tie gave me a woody and even left me wanting more! PING! That was the sound of my Kinsey Scale rating sliding in the wrong direction. I better listen to some Cher.
  3. This would have been a better movie for me if it had just focused on Ryan's traveling, relationships and changes to his job and not so much about what his job is. It would have been just as easy to move the story along and the movie could have had more impact. 
  4. Huge, ridiculous, obvious, saw it coming from a mile away cliche Hollywood moment that no one in their right mind would ever decide to do. 
  5.  Right on the heals of a huge, ridiculous, obvious, saw it coming from a mile away cliche Hollywood moment that no one in their right mind would ever decide to do is a second Hollywood moment that a blind man, blindfolded and under a leather hood, in a windowless, doorless, lightless brick room, at the bottom of a collapsed mine shaft could see coming. I felt these "plot twists" were lazy and left me with a bad taste in my mouth for this movie. I don't understand all the positive press and reviews.


When a decorated Marine (Captain Sam Cahill - Tobey Maguire) goes missing overseas, his black-sheep younger brother (Tommy Cahill - Jake Gyllenhaal) cares for his wife (Grace - Natalie Portman) and children at home—with consequences that will shake the foundation of the entire family.

Contrary to the above synopsis and promotional trailers, this is not a movie about brotherly betrayal. It is about the horror of war and its impact on the soldiers and their families. What you don't see in the trailers but is a significant part of this movie is Maguire as a POW. After his helicopter is shot down, the military thinks and reports Maguire as dead but he is held captive and bruttaly tortured for 4-6 months.

5 FOR:
  1. Jakey in a towel, looking super hot (like he could look bad) with really sexy tattoos. Especially the one going up his neck.
  2. The two little girls are amazing, especially the older of the two, Isabelle. Tobey may have gotten the Golden Globe nomination but this girl was a scene stealer and dead on with her emotions and facial expressions. 
  3. Fine performances from all which include Mare Winningham and Sam Shepard.
  4. Insight into the war in Afghanistan we don't get to see or read about.
  5. Emotional and thought provoking without being melodramatic.
  1. A remake of a 2004 Danish film - we already have a remake of a film for a war that should have been over years ago (should never have been?) and is still going on.
  2. After seeing Precious then The Blind Side, seeing another movie where the main character is shut down and responds to questions, love and help with tight, strained lips and a blank look on their face is a bit frustrating, understandable, but frustrating. I guess the advice here is to not see the three films in the same week. 
  3. Our government doesn't do enough for our returning soldiers. They may heal their bodies but they don't heal their minds or souls -- they don't even acknowledge the damage.
  4. A strong, good movie but not one that needs to be seen in the theater. At home you can hit pause and replay during Jake's towel scene.
  5. Jake didn't drop his towel.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

True Blood Get's Even Hotter

Joe Manganiello, best known for playing barkeep Owen on One Tree Hill and Marshall’s law school chum Brad on How I Met Your Mother, has landed season 3’s most important new role: Sookie’s werewolf crush, Alcide Herveaux.

If Alan Ball follows Charlaine Harris’ books, Eric will summon Alcide — described in casting breakdowns as good-looking, rough-around-the-edges, articulate, heroic, and decent — to assist Sookie in her search for Bill.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


The 10 gayest things you'll see this week is Taylor Lautner on Saturday Night Live!

Taylor recently gave an interview, maybe Rolling Stone, in which he was asked about the gay rumors and his answer left the closet door wide open and last night's SNL show almost seemed a coming out statement.

  1. Opening Sketch - awkwardly talks about dating Taylor Swift and then backs off kissing her cardboard cutout.
  2. He wore a wig for every sketch. He looked pretty good as a blonde.
  3. He played "Mikash," one of four middle-school choir singers, clad in a red shirt, sparkly green vest, delivering some sort of German accent, he rapped about Santa Claus and danced pretty gay including a Michael Jackson moonwalk at the end of the sketch.
  4. Said, "Yes, I'm gay," in the same choir sketch.
  5. Wore a very long haired wig with barrettes, a denim skirt and leggings.
  6. Kissed his Edward folder photograph.
  7. Lautner's final sketch saw him back in a wig and this time flirting awkwardly with a girl. The joke here was Kenan Thompson playing an Isaac Hayes-like smooth-talker who cuts into the action and narrates the events, screaming "No!" when Lautner's character reveals a romance-killing love of Hobbits and declaration that, "I'm also kinda unusually hairy."
  8. He never took his shirt off. Okay that is not gay but it is a complaint.
  9. Trying to tell his girlfriend's parents that she's pregnant was very unbelievable.
  10. He said, "Yes, I'm gay." Worth repeating

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