Friday, January 22, 2010


I saw A Single Man yesterday and I'm not talking about my reflection in the mirror. I mean the beautiful and haunting movie A Single Man. Run to the theater and see this movie! Do not walk! Do not wait for the DVD! A Single Man must be seen on the big screen. And bring some kleenex.

It's 1962. Eight months ago, George (Colin Firth) lost the man he's loved for the past 16 years. Waking up in the morning is painful but he has a solution. We travel with George as he journeys through the day, reliving the past, masking his pain from his friends, neighbors and students, and quietly saying goodbye all in preparation for ending his pain and his life.

Unlike Avatar, which needs to be seen on the big screen for the magic and spectacle of the 3D special effects, without which Avatar is a marginal movie, YOU NEED to see A Single Man on the big screen so you can appreciate every beautiful, lingering, loving frame of this movie. Not a scene, not a word, not a blink of an eye is wasted or without meaning.
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  1. When I drool over, I mean, think of Tom Ford I think of style, elegance, beauty, sophistication and simplicity. Tom brings all this and more as the film's Producer, Director and Screen Writer. Unlike Mr. King of the World, Tom does not manipulate our emotions. He use words, his actors and carefully framed images to tell his story and let us live it.
  2. This is not just an amazingly beautiful movie to watch it is beautifully and simply told with many subtleties.
  3. I cried twice in the first 10 minutes. I cried allot in this movie and I would have cried louder and even sobbed if there had been less people in the theater with me. I think I cried more the second time. Did I mention I saw this movie on Wednesday too? I did and I had to go back on Thursday. I may have to see it again this weekend.
  4. A Single Man is a classic love story. The lovers are two men but they could be any two people, they are warm, intimate, genuine, loving, affectionate, bickering, playful, a family. There are two scenes where four words, plainly said are as crushing as any fist. And yes I cried here too.
  5. Colin Firth is sheer perfection. Julianne Moore's role is small but pivotal and I think Tom's homage to Patty Duke's Neely in Valley of the Dolls right down to the dress. Nicholas Hoult as Kenny is intense, wise and sensitive and has the most beautiful eyes.
  6. BONUS: I can't think of a single negative thing so instead I'll give you ten memorable lines. I think these will give you a sense of the beauty of writing in addition to the cinematography.
  1. Remember that old lesbian who threw a drink at you because you asked her if, "she was hung like a donut?"
  2. Lovers are like buses, you just have to wait a little while and another comes along.
  3. I'm dying for a dose of you.
  4. When a minority becomes noticeable, it becomes a threat to the majority.
  5. This guy was checking me out and asked if I was a natural blonde. I said, "If I stand on my head I'm a natural brunette with sweat breath."
  6. Some times, awful things have their own kind of beauty.
  7. Having a real relationship, with kids.
  8. Not a fear, not a fact but an expression of a predicament. 
  9. The services are just for family.
  10. I'm English. We like to be cold and wet.


  1. Well knock me over with a feather. I live here in Hollywood and I have not heard one thing about this film. Thanks for the info. We love going to the movies but only when they are the best.

  2. this sounds awesome, cant wait to see it...i wish i had went to this today instead og legion(you can read my thoughts on that disaster on nene)

  3. I really want to see this!! It's gotten such great reviews.

  4. Darn! It is not showing here yet and I am dying to see it! As soon as it gets here, I am going to run to the theatre.

  5. That sounds wonderful. I am sure we'll be putting that on out list of must sees. Thanks for the tip.

  6. I wasn't sure what to think about this film when I saw the trailer... honestly I wasn't even sure what it was about.

    Now I shall see it.

  7. I am dying to see this movie!! I cant wait!

  8. Beautiful movie. We saw it here in Philly on Christmas day and thinking about going to see it again soon. Hopefully it get's some major Oscar recognition.

  9. I loved it also:
    & it haunts me weeks later. I love your review format. You are such a smart writer!

  10. Just saw it yesterday; was going to write and recommend it for you. Glad you liked it. You may have Mr. Hoult if I can have Mr. Goode. And yes, Mr. Firth is perfection.
    Did L.A. (or Santa Monica Canyon) really look that good in 1962? I wonder how much was autobiographical.

  11. It is in our saved section Sean. Very much looking forward to seeing Tom's vision on the screen.

  12. I have date with this for im really excited, thanks! Hopefully i dont embarrass myself cying like a baby!


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