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It's the year 2019 (twenty-nineteen) and the population of the world has been turned into vampires. It's believed to have started from the bite of a single bat in 2008 (two thousand eight) but the blood supply has reached a critical low because they are running out of humans to farm for blood. Without human blood to drink, vampires mutate into winged, ugly, violent and mindless creatures they call a sub something. So it is up to Ethan Hawke to save both the human and vampire populations by inventing True blood, I mean by inventing a human blood substitute.

5 FOR:
  1. The first thing that you notice about this movie is its style, its cinematography and its opening credits. They're slick, clever, visually stunning and captivating in much the same way as in Bladerunner.
  2. The trailer had me concerned about the storyline but it's solid with excellent attention to details. The ending is not as strong as it could have been but it takes a twist I didn't expect, a twist I thought would doom the movie but ultimately proves very satisfying.
  3. I have always liked Sam Neill and he proves again what an excellent actor he is. Perfectly evil and evilly perfect. Ethan Hawke is compelling as the vampire scientist with a heart for humans. Willem Dafoe is Willem Dafoe.
  4. I kept wanting to pause the movie and go back and look at this or that. They did such a good job of depicting life ten years into the future and how it has changed to accommodate creatures who burst into flames when exposed to sunlight.
  5. This is a good movie and worth seeing. There have been allot of vampire films, tv shows and books lately but Daybreakers manages to be a fresh and loyal take on vampire mythology. There were several times throughout the movie when I began to question the validity of what was going on, only to have those questions answered -- I love when a movie fills it's holes. 

  1. I would have liked a more developed backstory as to how the vampires came to be. Did they always exist? What was civilization like during the change? Was there a war? How were they able to regain a civilized society?
  2. Daybreakers don't seem to be the evil, soulless vampires we see everywhere else. This made me think that rather than farm the humans, the humans and vampires would have worked out a trade agreement but then the daybreakers would have no motive for developing a human blood substitute and we wouldn't have a movie.
  3. The scene with a semi-naked Ethan Hawke was too dimly lit and didn't show enough of his buff bod.
  4. Apparently vampires love to smoke and drink their blood over ice. 
  5. The biggest plot hole I could find was when one of the vampires begins to mutate even though  he was well fed and had just eaten.


  1. This is on the top of my movie list...almost went tonight, but we decided for seeing it's complicated for the second time....but this one is a must see for me, I love all things vampire;)

  2. I fell asleep twice watching this

  3. Sean!

    Thanks for your review!

    The movie definitely looks cool and it's a neat premise for sure!


  4. Cooooool! can't wait to see it!! Anything with cool Vampires like these are good for least they don't glitter!

  5. I think I'll pass on this one.

  6. I am really excited to see this one. I love the vampire genre and this looks like such a unique take.

  7. I think I will eventually see this movie, but I will most likely wait until it comes out on video.

    It does look pretty interesting though.

  8. I wanted to see this but lost a coin toss and went to see "Up in the Air". My partner liked it, I found it depressing.

  9. You beat me to it... I wanted to see it this weekend, but a plumbing emergency kept me home... Maybe next Monday...

  10. It does sound interesting, but for me its mostly because it takes place in the future. I will add this to my Netflix queue.

  11. Sean, sounds as cool as I thought it would be. Looking forward to seeing it someday.


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