Thursday, January 7, 2010


Actually, it's more accurate but far less titillating to say I fantasize about new tastebuds. Ever since I was a little boy, I have had limiting tastebuds. Growing up, people thought I was picky. As I got older, I went from picky to frustrating to unsophisticated to what-is-wrong-with-you. Never would I get sympathy and it took allot of work and time to at least earn some understanding.

New Year's Eve, Y2K is a humorous tale. My ex's new bf was freaked about Y2K and was hunkered down for the night so my ex asked me to join him and his sister, brother-in-law and another couple for dinner. When we were dating, we all got alone really well so it was going to be a fun evening. The other thing you have to know is they were real foodies and that night we were going to an authentic middle eastern restaurant and we were having a special that had to be ordered ahead of time -- a dinner of 75 different appetizers/dinner samples. Here's the funny part. They knew me and my challenges and had agreed that any plate that I liked, I could have to my self. The first dish I liked was number 27 and the first of just four. You must be thinking that I never eat out. You'd be wrong. Most of the time, I'm able to find one thing on the menu that I like or can adapt to my tastebuds.

New tastebuds wouldn't just allow me to eat out, they would allow me to really embrace cooking. I love to cook and I know if I had an even halfway decent palette, it would be a passion. As it it, most of what I cook I don't eat or even like. I don't even taste it because I can't judge the flavor; however, my friends and family enjoy what I make.

My most recent dinner was inspired by the movie Julie & Julia,  Julia's Beef Bourguignon which I have now made three times, all to great reviews, and amazingly enjoy myself. It's a very simple recipe just very time consuming and a bit labor intensive but oh so worth it!

(this is not a pic of my dish but mine came very close)

So my Friday Fantasy this week is for new tastebuds so I can indulge in more exotic foods and cultivate a passion for cooking. Now if those new tastebude HAVE to come on a new tongue, I wouldn't mind a longer one so that I could delve deeper into something else I love to do. :)


  1. Well you know I love to cook...and two in the kitchen, aw well, life is good...and julie and lulia, you already know is a fav of mine, one of my fav scenes is when she cooks the Beef Bourguignon...a dish I have not made yet, but would love if someone else cooked it for me:)

    All I can say....delve deeper, delve deeper, ohhhhhhhhhh ;)

  2. I'm curious if your sense of smell is also less than normal, since smell and taste are so intertwined.

  3. Love the photo! Very nice. Next time you make this dish, invite me over! I've wanted to taste it since seeing the movie!

  4. Larry - I have a very good nose actually and it's a tad on the big side.

    I wouldn't say my tastebuds are abnormal, they just only like certain things. But my nose does play a big role in what I eat. I didn't include them in the post but I do have some food guidelines and rules. Maybe this can be another post. But the rules are:
    1. must look good
    2.must smell good (most cheeses smell like barf to me and can't eat them)
    3. must taste good (duh!)
    4. must feel good in my mouth (I can stand chewing fat and I don't want it to feel like I'm eating bugs)

    I really hate being like this.

  5. I understand, completely. Though I find that as I grow older, my taste buds have become less discriminating and I am more willing to try to (and enjoy) new foods. I agree completely about the textural aspect of food... if it's fatty, rubbery or greasy, I generally don't like it. And I still don't like most fish... (of course, my friend George insists that if I was straight, I would like it - lol).

  6. Love the photo, and interesting post~

    And totally loved the movie Julie and Julia, and that was one of my favourite scenes! I wasnt inspried to cook, that actually didnt even occur to me (much to annoy my partner), was inspired to blog and eat...

    Is the tastebud impact fading as you get older? Feel like mine are. Aaaaargh.

  7. There is very little sympathy for people who won't or can't eat absolutely everything placed before them. My taste buds are fine, except for the one that is slightly swollen at the moment (!), but I was definitely a picky child. I've gotten better with age, because I'm rather tired of being hungry all the time, but I'm still picky about the texture of the food before me, and I'd much rather cook everything that I'm eating.

  8. I love to cook. I have been cooking and baking since I was about 11. I would enter my baked goods at the county fair and win blue ribbins. Of course this drove my stepfather crazy, but made my mother proud. Thanks for sharing your story. By the way, it's warm and sunny here in Hollywood. LOL, HUGS

  9. I love to cook but it's somewhat tempered by the fact I have a reduced sensation of smell and taste. Concussions will do that to you, and I've had a few of them.

  10. So this is how you stay nice and trim. Now I wish I had your taste buds.

    The dish from Julie Julia looks wonderful which reminds me...I want to see that movie.

  11. I find that I cook and don't even bother to taste the food I make. It is always good and people love it. I studied at the culinary in Dijon and have even worked as a chef. But you know what? a lot of people are intimidated by that and refrain from inviting me to dinner. When just the opposite is true, I love anything anybody else makes, simple and unsophisticated, as long as I don't do it it tastes wonderful to me.
    The other issue is eating out. I rarely enjoy eating out because I can do it so much better at home and it is cheaper. The only things I can't make are sushi and indian cuisine.
    good blog...

  12. I loved that movie, but have never had the dish. I'm not a big meat eater, so don'[t really miss it. But I do love to cook and sympathize with your taste bud problem. I have sinus problems, so it';s my nose that gives me the issues. Like Larry says, the taste and smell senses are connected, so my taste ability is affected by my limited ability to smell. So basically, we're in the same boat. Things don't taste as rich or deep to me as they do to others, because I can't smell enough to kick in the brain to recognize the depth of taste.

  13. Sean, I think it is great that your palate is discerning. You're special! I don't think that is bad at all, although I can understand your frustration.

    So many people engulf there food, they certainly don't have time to taste it, much less enjoy it. They fall in love with the high salt/high fat taste of processed foods, and that is all they can enjoy now.

    I rather people be able to truly enjoy a few foods, than to be stuffing their faces with things that essentially have no taste, but are attractive because of high salt or fat content.

  14. I wonder if there is such a thing as a tastebud transplant?


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