Monday, January 11, 2010

Last Kiss by John Lustig


  1. ha, Michael, I think we could all use a night like this ;)

  2. Someone is going to be sore tomarrow.

  3. the best one I ever had.

    how many have you had?

  4. Hi, Sean. Since you and your readers enjoy Last Kiss, I hope you don't mind if I'd pass along news about a Last Kiss contest that I'm running:, GoComics and Hugo-award-winning writer Orson Scott Card have teamed up for the best comics writing contest of all time!

    “Modesty prevents me from boasting more,” said Last Kiss creator John Lustig. “But really--how often do you get a chance to write a comic with a celebrated author, win cool prizes and get your brilliant dialog admired by millions?”

    How the Contest Works: Orson Scott Card wrote a fun (and suitably bizarre) caption for a panel of Lustig’s Last Kiss art. The challenge for readers is to create some funny dialog that fits with Card’s wild caption and the art.

    Prizes: The winner’s name and dialog will appear on the comic when it’s posted (Feb. 15) on,, and other sites featuring Last Kiss. In addition, the winner will receive 24 Last Kiss note/greeting cards, plus a high-quality, color print of the winning comic–-autographed by both Card and Lustig.

    Two runner ups will each receive a dozen Last Kiss cards plus bragging rights to being “that close!”

    Submissions: Accepted until Feb. 5 at 11:59 p.m. CST. On Feb. 8, seven of the “best” submissions will be selected by Lustig and the winner be determined by an online poll Feb. 8-13. The winner will be announced Feb. 15.

    Contest details and submission form at:

    Future Contests: This is the first of what Lustig hopes will be a regular series of contests featuring Last Kiss art, captions by prestigious writers, and dialog by fans.

    “I think the idea of ‘collaborating’ on a comic with a favorite writer is going to intrigue a lot of fans,” said Lustig. “The pros I’ve talked to seem to love the idea. I already have commitments from several well-known writers.

    “In fact, some have already written their gags. So I’m ready to go if this proves to be as popular as I hope it will be!”


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