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Are you calling Johnny a douchebag? That's how I began my comment.

I saw the promo (see below) for Johnny's new series on the Sundance Channel on numerous blogs, I watched the promo and then I watched the show and was impressed. Then I saw his third place performance at Nationals (on Joe.My.God.) which qualifies him to represent the US at the 2010 Winter Olympics. When I read the comments left on Joe's post my blood began to boil. I checked to see if somehow I had been redirected to some Wingnut, homophobic website because of all the vile hate thrown at this young man.

The first episode of Be Good Johnny Weir is really a documentary, Pop Star on Ice, of how and why he got into skating and how he won 3 national title in 4 years and then lost a 5th national title in a tiebreaker. But it also shows his relationship with his fans, with his coach, with his mother, with his hometown, with his BFF Paris who he interviews while in a bathtub together, with other skaters, with Russian skating coaches, with the media and with the skating federation.

I really knew nothing of him before watching this show now I can say that this boy defines the word FIERCE! And not in a two snaps and head flip way but in a head strong, determined, I'm gonna be me and I don't care what you think way and this takes guts, brains and confidence. He has a very defined POV and lives it. He speaks his mind, maybe too quickly, but he takes responsibility for it and has no regrets. To go with all this, his is beyond talented and an amazing athlete.

I just don't understand the kind of hate I read in the comments on Joe.My.God. I'm sure that 95% of the haters knew nothing more about him then the costume he wore at the nationals and maybe the photo I posted at the top of this post. They know nothing about what motivates him, where he came from, how he got there or where he wants to go. For the record, Johnny is obviously a very flamboyant person but has neither confirmed nor denied his sexual orientation which is his right to do. How many of us came out at work in our teens or early 20's?

Don't like Johnny, fine, but to vilify him and hate him is unnecessary and speaks more about one's own internalized homophobia then it does anything about Johnny. How can we expect GLBTi people to be completely equal and accepted if we aren't capable of doing it our selves. Watch the show and see if you don't agree with me. While he may not look or act like your ideal hero (what does an ideal hero look like?), he is a hero and deserving of praise not scorn.




  1. Thanks for posting this. We will be cheering for him. Can't wait to see more.

  2. It's all's just more shocking when it comes from homos.

    I used to enjoy JMG's comment threads, but I don't read them anymore and rarely make an effort to comment myself. They've been taken over by lecturing know-it-alls.

    "It's okay to be *my* kind of gay, but certainly not *your* kind of gay."

    I observed this for years with reactions to the trans folks I know:

    "It's okay to be *my* kind of different, but certainly not *your* kind of different."

    I've found that it is just so much easier to get to a place where you say, "Whatever." I'm me, they aren't me, so I worry about how I behave and let them worry about how they behave. It really is quite simple.

    Wier is flamboyantly gay? Whatever! His performances aren't my cup of tea, but neither were the austere CCCP automatons during the cold war, either. I did enjoy Rudy Galindo, who was also flamboyant, so it isn't about being gay.

  3. While I don't agree with vilifying Johnny Weir, I will say that I'm not a fan. I've read and watched interviews with him and I tried to watch that mock documentary interview he did in the bathtub, but his attitude truly rubs me the wrong way. Which is fine. I simply won't watch him. That probably won't be an issue for me anyway since I could care less about the Olympics and won't be watching any of it. At all. (How gay am I that I don't even watch sports when it's figure skating? Oy...)

    What really bothers me about Johnny, though, is his not confirming or denying his homosexuality (as if ANY of us have ANY doubt on which side his bread is buttered) with statements like, "I want to be judged for who I am, not what I am." Because that's the same bullshit response we've heard from celebrities for decades. And usually, it's the response they give over and over until they're caught with their pants down giving a blowjob in a public restroom. Then suddenly, they're out of the closet and we make them heroes and ask them to be the grand marshal of our Pride parades.

    I realize he's young, but in 2 days, I'll be 40 and I've been out of the closet since I was 19. To all people. And at all of my jobs. I completely understand that coming out is a process and that everyone needs to do it at their own pace and at the time that's right for them, but if Johnny is as fearless as he lets on, then he should come out and be done with it. Lots of eyes are on him and it could truly help some gay boy or girl in middle America struggling with their sexuality.

    Great post! Thanks for letting me throw in my two cents worth. (Is two cents worth even worth two cents these days?) :)

  4. & of course Figuring Skating is traditionaly such a butch sport!
    I like the kid's gumption & talent.

  5. I'm with you Sean. I've been a fan of his for a while and I especially love that fact that him being out and proud makes the brass at the U.S. Figure Skating Association squirm.

    Jeremy Abbott gave a much better performance at the U.S. Nationals last weekend, so I'll be rooting for him at the Olympics of course, but Johnny Weir has the potential within him to win the gold medal, so I'll be rooting for him too.

  6. Sean!

    The naysayers are just jealous that he can rock those heels like nobody's business!


  7. Thanks for posting a great article - and excellent comments as well. Without a doubt, I will be supporting and cheering for him in the Winter Olympics.

    I most likely will not click on the link you had provided because if it is a homophobic website then it is not something I would want to read.

  8. EXCELLENT points!!

    As much as the gay community has advanced in the last 30 years, we still seem to struggle with internalized shame/hate for elements of our community. 'Butch' guys hating on drag queens. Gym rats hating on twinks. Indeed, how will we ever be able to demand equality as a community if we can't get along as a community?

  9. I am an asexual woman, who in a past life was about as promiscuous as they come. Someone told me once that the sexual journey one takes is to themselves a deeply personal quest for them spiritually that has nothing to do with the person they present to the world or the person they are with (so much for he demand for faithfullness, which I did once committed). Only now in my later years do I understand that advice. Live and let live people. To quote the Who, I ask te naysayers and haters, 'who the f*ck are you?' And I apoloize for the profanity.

    Johnny Weir is an old soul. He is wise beyond his years if you can get past your own issues and hear what he is saying. He is kind, sensitive and forgiving. He has as much right too self-expression as anyone. Give him the respect you would like to get yourselves. Although I doubt that that is a word some of you know anything about, even when it comes to yourselves.

    I am a STAUNCH animal rights activist. I don't applaud Johnny's fur wearing, and I think that the Karma he recieves for wearing it maybe the weight that I see on his spirit. I would just ask that he wear fake fir - they have it now to where it feels and looks like the real thing, with no negative impact on any living thing.

    I'll be routing him all the way. This young man's talent and commitment to the sport in his own way is deserving. I love to watch him skate. Skating is an art form, a thing of beauty, and Johnny its' fluid interpreter.

  10. Don't like any flamboyant, over-the-top skater. Brings negat.ive attention to the sport


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