Thursday, January 28, 2010


As you know by now, CBS is still planning to air an ad by known hate group Focus on the Family featuring University of Florida football praying hunk Tim Tebow and his mother. Tebow is known for placing Bible verses into the black stripes under his eyes during games. (He's home schooled!) It's expected that the Tebows will give a personal message against abortion in the ad.

It took me 15 seconds to email a complaint to CBS. They will log it and it will be added to all other complaints. We need to make ourselves heard. I am so tired of rightwing conservatives being heard and getting their agenda completed. No more. I will lodge my complaint every time and I will keep it  simple because a complaint is a complaint whether it is 10 words or a thousand. Besides, you know they only read the first sentence. The rest of my thoughts I'll save for my blog post.

Click here to complain to CBS. Copy my words if it makes it easier.
I object to you airing an ad from known hate group Focus on the Family featuring University of Florida football praying hunk Tim Tebow and his mother. Advertising is supposed to be limited to marketing products NOT radical hate group propaganda.
If the ad is not pulled, I will not be watching Super Bowl 2010.
I will contact other sponsors of Super Bowl 2010 informing them of my complaint to you and my intent to boycott their products and request that they withdraw their ads unless you withdraw the Focus on The Family Ad.




  1. Thanks for the link, Sean. I added my two cents as well. I told CBS they should ask Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church if they'd like to do an ad as well.

    As for Tim Tebow, he is so overly whatever he is, I'm sure he'll be coming out of the closet sometime in his 40s.

  2. thanx for helping us stay informed...I had not heard of this, it takes people like you to stay on top of things and help spread the word...thank you.

  3. Done... weren't they the network that banned Adam Lambert the next day after the awards?

    Damn network.

  4. I like the idea,. I sent the message. I agree that we need to be more active and reactionary in our thoughts and deeds.
    It is the squeaky wheel that gets the oil, afterall.

  5. I love it when we're on the same page...

  6. Thanks for the link, I can't receive the Super Bowl but with a Gmail eAddress you can be anywhere.

    Hope more people will pick up this link and write/copy the network.

  7. I had no idea he was homophobic. Is it wrong to still be completely and utterly turned on by him? I'm so weak!

  8. Sean, I'll send an email later tonight and it will be a two-parter. CBS also banned an ad for a gay dating site called

    I'm going to post something on my blog later tonight/tomorrow morning regarding it.


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