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Yesterday I was very excited to received an email for the author of Last Kiss, John Lustig. This is the second time I've ben contacted and thanked by the author of one of my favorite comics. The first time was John Forgetta, author of The Meaning of Lila.

John Lustig, thought that you and I would appreciate knowing about a Last Kiss contest. I was and I posted all about it. What I didn't know was that the contest reward was the chance to write with well known (not to me) anti-gay activist and N.O.M. board member, Orson Scott Card.  However, thanks to Prospero over at Caliban's Revenge, I have taken down the post and emailed John the following:


As I emailed you yesterday, I was very excited to receive your email and announcement of your Last Kiss Contest and wrote a post so my readers could participate; however, I have removed that post since being informed by a reader, and confirmed by my own research, of Orson Scott Card's anti-LGBT political beliefs and affiliations (he is a board member of National Organization for Marriage, a known hate group).
Given this new information I thought it would be a good idea to Google you have found that you are popular with the LGBT community. I did not find any negative information. I do think you deserve the benefit of the doubt and that you are possibly unaware, as I was, of Card's anti-LGBT views.
Depending on what I hear back from you, I may have to stop recommending/promoting Last Kiss. I hope this won't be the case and I can continue to enjoy Last Kiss.

UPDATE: I haven't heard back from John yet but did read his response to a commenter left on I left one as well. I will no longer post Last Kiss comics.

John LustigGenius_badge said, about 2 hours ago

Joey, I’m sorry that having Orson guest write for me is such a problem for you.
I know Orson’s views are controversial and I certainly don’t agree with him on some important issues. But I enjoy his work and he’s been exceedingly kind to me and I’m thrilled to have him involved in the contest.
In fact, you can expect to see Orson’s work at least one more time in the near future in regard to Last Kiss.
I have several other famous guest writers lined up (for future contests) and I didn’t ask them their political views.
I’m pretty liberal. Occasionally, I even express those views in my comics. But I have some good friends (and fans) who are conservative.
I think one of the big problems in this country right now is that things have become so polarized that neither side is really talking or listening to the other.
Granted, it’s not often that I hear much worth listening too. But I try to keep an open mind.


  1. I was wondering why you took the post down. This is shocking!

    "I have several other famous guest writers lined up ... I didn’t ask them their political views." This is such a mistake in today's environment. Does this guy not realize these evil people have declared war on us and will not be happy until we are driven so far back into the closet that we dare not try coming back out?

    Cooperating with these evil people is wrong, and burying our heads in the sand is wrong! We need to fight for our civil rights NOW, and that fight includes cartoons, one of the most influential forms of political speech.

    I hope John Lustig comes around and sees how high the stakes are.

  2. I had popped over to the site and considered entering the contest. Thanks for the follow up.

    It's one thing to have conservative views. It's quite another to work diligently to have rights-restricting legislation enshrined into law. If anyone wants to be a bigot, I don't care what they do in the privacy of their own homes.

    His response indicates he's okay on some level with anti-gay conservative views. How about Reverend Fred Phelps? Would he be considered too anti-gay?

    I suspect that Mr. Lustig thinks there are "good" anti-gay people (his assiociates) and "bad" anti-gay people. My question is where, exactly, does he draw the line?


    I've decided to form a tax-exempt organization to ban old people from marrying. The thought of them having sex just gives me the creeps. And it ain't like they're doing it for the procreation.

    While I'm at it, we should add obese people into the mix because two fatties getting it on is something that just isn't right. I find it disgusting, therefore it should be illegal.

    What about all those ugly people getting married and having ugly kids? Something has to be done about them, too. Fewer rug rats is what I always say...let's put it into law.

    Oh, and the POOR people. I suggest we skip banning marriage for them and move directly to sterilization.


  3. Thanks, Sean! Love ya! Keep fighting the good fight.

  4. Chalk one up for the good guy, good job Sean.

  5. I don't know much about comics or even who this John Lustig is but I imagine he's perplexed, like alot of caring straight individuals, as to how to balance friends with opposite views.

  6. Sean, you did the right thing!

  7. Hey there Sean. I'm glad you did this, but deeply sad that you had to. I know John is probably trying to do the right/good thing by including Orson Scott Card. Card is a brilliant scifi writer I love, but that love ends at his writing.

    As an uber liberal, and as a gay man, sleeping with the enemy only results in a slit throat, mine. Someone who is truly conservative is never going to do anything but hurt us. It is sad, but honest.

  8. Sorry about this, Sean. I'm glad that you have and stand by your principles. Despite being "liberal", apparently Lastig doesn't have the same conviction you have.


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