Monday, January 25, 2010


We're having stormy weather today. Lots of rain, some thunder and plenty of wind. Just 5 minutes after brining in my own little Toto, this  landed in the backyard.

There's no sign of munchkins, the Wicked Witch of the East or her much meaner sister and if Glenda shows up, I gonna have me a new crown. The shed blew in from the neighbor's backyard over the fence and these bushes which are over 15 feet tall.


Maybe Bill Paxton will show up to investigate...hmmm Bill Paxton.


SteveA said...

I met Bill Paxton in 2004. He is hot!

Michael Rivers said...

Wow! That is crazy! Thankfully no one was hurt!

Steven Anthony said...

I dont think we are in Kansas!

Stan in NH said...

Toto is adorable. I am glad he didn't have to ride ove the fence in the shed. :)
Interesting how life imitates art in this case.
The most interesting thing we've had in our yard was a trash can. Never a "house".

Brent said...

Your dog's coat is a shiny thing of beauty! Glad no harm came to him/her.

And, hey: free (only slightly damaged) shed. A friend of mine turned his into a "play" room. In case you needed ideas.

Mike, Studio city said...

Beautiful dog. We have been cold and wet here also, and lots of snow in our mountains. MMMM and Bill, nice mix.

Stephen said...

& your little dog too!!!
Are you in color or B&W?

Wow, quite the storm!
We have had some close to hurricane storms in the last month.

The canine is so cute... & the 3 of you are safe & warm?

Mr.Paxton? YES!

Larry Ohio said...

Yikes! I'm glad that thing didn't hit your house or your car. BOOM!

Sean said...

Stan - love the new pic and Tramp is a cutie. When he's clipped short fo rthe summer he has this cool black stripe running down his back.

Brent - thanks and the playroom idea is great ;)

Stephen - we're kinda in between, and we're all fine. This was kinda fun.

Larry - I didn't even think of that. It's back in Kansas now so no more worries.

Rick said...

I think my Bandit and your dog may be cousins.

Mark in DE said...

What a surprise!! But who has an EMPTY storage shed? Next time I hope your neighbor secures it to the ground.

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