Tuesday, February 16, 2010


These pillars of pop culture plastic were teased as “Coming Soon” on Tonner’s website for ages. I even signed up to be notified the second they became available. Naturally, I received no such communication. But then, the Doctor and his friends don’t appear to be available to order just yet, though they are listed under the 2010 collection. 

I don’t know how final these images are, so I won’t be too critical. I will say that the sculpts on Captain Jack and Martha Jonesare impressively accurate. Gwen...well, they were kind to Gwen. And the Doctor looks more like post-Botox John Barrowman than our beloved David Tennant. I’m curious why they started with Martha as a companion, instead of Rose. Probably a likeness issue.

If you’re already pulling out your credit card, beware. Jack will cost you $199.99. Gwen, of course, is a bargain at $169.99. Martha is $174.99, and the Doctor is $179.99. Wait, Jack is the most expensive? Not so fast. The Doctor is $179.99 without his trademark trench. The coat is sold separately for $49.99. (It’s genuine faux suede and fully lined.) So, the whole package will run you close to $775. I have resisted buying any Tonner dolls thus far, though I suspect I’m close to giving in and getting Miss Piggy. Realistically, though, would I invest in these, even in a late-night, drunken moment of weakness?

The problem is I’m still furious with Jack because of Children of Earth. I even removed my Captain Jack action figures from my display case. I’d be most likely to get the Doctor, but only if I knew a Donna Noble doll was coming. Oo, if they had a Donna doll, I’d probably forget the Doctor and the rest all together and start customizing a Lauren Cooper.

Just in case, we will keep tabs on this line and see what develops. 


  1. Oh Im in love...but then you knew I would be;)

  2. I do want the Captain Jack one, and I don't even collect!

    Grrr is all I can say!

  3. The Captain is too busy doing Midshipman Alonso Frame to release his action figure.

  4. Fun post Sean. Great insights into how you feel about each character. Love the fact that they are making them; loathe the fact that they are each terribly expensive.

  5. I'd have to go with the Doctor.

    I'd love to collect these, but my extremely large and altogether not well thought out BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER 12-inch figure (they're not dolls!) is taking up a shitload of space currently...


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