Monday, February 15, 2010


I took a break from watching the Olympics last night and watched The Simpson's win a gold medal in Mixed Curling Demonstration, Cleveland's son act pregnant because he swallowed a gold fish and then The Family Guy!

This was one of their more 'out there' episodes and that's saying something when you're talking about The Family Guy. The two key elements of this episode are Chris's date with a girl who has Down's Syndrome and says her mother is the ex-governor of Alaska and Stewie's song and dance performance of Down's Syndrome Girl. (above clip, first three minutes only)
The whole bit with Chris dating this girl with down's syndrome isn't all that funny but it is significant for all the CRAZY that Palin could unleash and how Faux News handles one of their own shows.

The best part of the show is Stewie's performance of Down's Syndrome Girl. It is one of the best Family Guy musical numbers, is an original composition, very well choreographed, humorous and has an amazing climax that had me rewinding several times. Enjoy!

Chris asks out the ex-governor's daughter (starts at 1:50)


Steven Anthony said...

Ive never really viewed the family guy, but this clip is really funny...I may check it out;)

Prospero said...

I DVR'd this ep and watched it tonight... So wrong, but oh, so good.
Though I have to admit, my favorite joke was Stewie digging the hole for his head so he could sleep on his side. That, and Meg's bathtub 'vart.' Ewwww!

Michael Rivers said...

I love Family Guy. Stewie is my favorite!!

John Forgetta said...

I LOVED the Down's Syndrome Girl musical dance number, but Stewie's aborted babies musical dance number is still my favorite :)

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