Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My answers are in red.

1- Free tickets to see Queen Latifah in a jazz club, or Jennifer Hudson in concert? I love both these women and enjoy their work, however, I'm not a jazz fan so I'd have to see Jen.

2-Wake up in the body of Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? I like Jen's looks and body much better. Angelina may have Brad but Jennifer can and has been having her pick of men - that's for me.

3-Wake up in the body of Ashton Kutcher or Brad Pitt? OMG! To be one of the sexiest and best looking men on the planet and have a conscious and be politically active, WOW! Unfortunately, I'd have to drag Brad out of the closet and go after all those Hollywood hunks.  

4-Overdress, or under dress everyday? If a stylist and budget are included then overdress me. I'm a more casual dresser but that's because I know what looks good but can't put a wardrobe together for myself and it's safer from being made fun of.

5-Eat, for a whole week this item only, chocolate chip cookies, or chocolate ice cream? Do they come with accessories? I'd need milk for the cookies and Redi Whip for the ice cream but regardless, I'd go with the ice cream. It's my second favorite dessert behind cherry pie but is my #1 comfort food.

6-Nigthmares for a year, or real haunting for a year? I've had nightmares and I think they could be much worse than a real haunting plus, how cool and fun would it be to finally have proof of the supernatural?

7-Sleep with George W Bush, or Ann Coulter? I'm gay all the way. I've never been past 1st base and the thought of going down there just grosses me out. Besides, as people they're pretty equal in the evil department but he was kinda hot in that flight suit he never flew in.

8-Go on Price is Right, or Jeopardy? I'd want to win and would stand a much better chance on The Price is Right and there always seems to be a bunch of uniformed servicemen in the audience.

9-Sleep with Jay Leno, or David Letterman? Either or. I think they'd both be bad in bed.

10-Hang with drag queen RuPaul, or Varla Jean Merman? I'm not a drag fan, not a drag basher either. It's just not my thing but I do love Ru and would love to hang with her in or out of drag.


  1. This is funny :LOL:
    I'm with you almost all the answers except those I don't understand :D

  2. I'd pick Jennifer Anniston too. She has a great body...very athletic! It would be nice to be her for a day and sleep with anyone I choose. HOT

  3. 1. JH
    2. JA
    3. AK
    5. CCC
    6. NM
    7. ewwwwww on both
    8. PIR
    9. ewwww on both
    10. RuPaul

  4. Great answers! I'm with you all the way!

  5. #3. Real beauty is on the inside not the outside, but a nice 'wrapping' helps.

    BTW, you look mighty fine, with those piercing blue eyes and great personality!

  6. If I had to sleep with either George Bush or Ann Coulter, two things are certain. First, we would literally sleep together, and second, one of us would not wake up in the morning.


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