Tuesday, February 9, 2010


An Ohio woman has filed a federal lawsuit against her son's elementary school after his teacher mocked his long hair by tying it into pigtails. According to the suit, the teacher then brought the boy to the front of the class and encouraged his classmates to mock him with feminine versions of his name. Allegedly,the teacher finished by taking a photo of the crying boy with her cell phone. You can read the whole story here. 

This is not an isolated incident. Several weeks ago another boy with long hair was told to cut it or he'd be expelled. His mother ended up pinning it.

What is wrong with people? This is what I think should happen, get the following famous long haired men to go and "speak" with these teachers, schools and bullying classmates and then see what kind of reaction you get you "fucking retards!" (I'm just quoting Rush Limbaugh) Can you imagine being one of these jerks when there's a knock on their classroom door and it's one of these men standing there?  Imagine the publicity and imagine how much better the life of those boys will be.

          Professional Football player Troy Polamalu

Gene Simmons and the rest of Kiss 
(I think Gene would be the most intimidating)

Angel and Leverage actor Christian Kane

WWE Wrestling Champ and Superstar Triple H

Of course we can't forget Jesus Christ.
He does seem to be making he way back into public schools. Will they make him cut his hair?


Mike, Studio city said...

LONG HAIR???? Are they living in 1965? God this pisses me off.

cb said...

But remember, Jesus was a sissy Mary la la.

Kyle said...

A large dollop of stupid and a little sprinkling of racism on their part Sean.

Eastern cultures revere long hair on men. It has long been a sign of virility and strength. Many native cultures here in the west, among them Native Americans, also revere long hair on men.

The bulling and taunting(from adults who should know better no less) are almost as bad as the stupidity and racism. Someone needs their teaching certificate revoked. Individuals like this have no place in classrooms, teaching young impressionable minds.

Steven Anthony said...

seriously, they need to just be bitch slapped! Jerks...and they are supposed to be the adults?

Prospero said...

Not only should the woman be fired, she should be charged with harassment and fined. That poor kid will have psychological scars for years, thanks to that unthinking and heartless bitch. I really hope she gets what's coming to her (and thanks for the pic of Troy - yum!)

Rock said...

As a man who's growing his hair long again (unless I get a job interview) I'm offended by the actions of this "teacher". I'm going to take a guess that this lady doesn't work in Cleveland.

If that were my kid, I'd teach him how to make someone eat a fist. That usually ends bullying when it's done right.

dirkmancuso said...

Behavior like this is inexcusable and the teacher should be put relieved of her duties.

That said, if any of those long haired dudes showed up to show how cool long hair is, I'd probably giggle.

I know, I'm a 'tard.

Mauro Paim said...

Still time to post a comment? Said teacher is obviously retarded and lacks a sense of empathy. Said teacher was, from the sound of it, just merely being a jerk.

An idiotic creature limited by its limited Consciousness. I feel for those types.


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