Tuesday, March 9, 2010


1-Have a beach house in the Hampton's, or a beautiful bungalow in Spain? I've been to the Hampton's having grown up on Long Island. A bungalow in Spain just sounds peaceful and romantic. Plus all the hot Spanish men!

2-Be a Smurf, or a Peanuts character? Although I think Peanuts is better all the characters except Snoopy are losers. I'd be Papa Smurf because he has magical powers.

3-Direct porn, or star in one? I'd like to star in one because to be a porn star means you have the looks, body and equipment!

4-Spend a week with Martha Stewart, or Oprah Winfrey? I'm not sure Martha is as bitchy as she is made out to be and oh the things I could learn from her.

5-If you couldn't live in America any longer, if you had to, would you live in South America or Europe? I'd live in Europe for the numerous cultures, the history, the museums, and the variety of men.

6-Change your beauty, or be thinner? Despite my answer above, I'd be thinner because it would enhance my beauty and it would be nice to have a flat tummy.

7-Sleep with Mel Gibson, or Tom Cruise? If I knew nothing about either of them and just saw them in a bar, I'd think I'd go for Tom, especially if he's the Risky Business Tom. He just has that all American look that just slays me.

8-Go up in a hot air balloon, or sky dive? I've always wanted to celebrate my birthday by sky diving but none of my friends would do it and I don't want to do this alone. Maybe one day.

9-Give up the ability to ever hear music again, or the ability to ever read again? Since it's just music, I could still hear everything else and I think I could live with that. I think I'd die if I couldn't read books, blogs, sub-titles, directions, emails, signs, not being able to read on a plane or at the beach - no thanks.

10-Be a land animal, or a sea animal? I'm Virgo, a water sign and love the water but I'd pick being a sea animal, a Killer Whale, because they are the kings of the sea, are social, have no enemies and travel.

11-Have breathtaking beauty for the rest of your life, but spend a year in jail, or be just plain looking and never be in jail? At this point in my life, a year in jail would be worth breathtaking beauty and when I got out I should be able to have a career in modeling or acting or as a kept man.


  1. I would choose Martha as well, I think Operah is the anti christ, lol

  2. I would take Tom too...but of course that is old Tom before the jumping on the couch or the scientology video

    I heart Oprah & Martha

    I think my perfect existance would be in the Hamptons living with or near Ina Garten

  3. I've always said if I had the body for it, I'd be a porn star, but I would die without music. There are plenty of books on tape and web-reader programs. As for the Oprah/Martha thing? I still have a problem with Martha's apparent sense of entitlement. Oprah worked really hard to get where she is, and seems so much more genuine to me. And while I am also a water sign (Cancer), I can't imagine a life bereft of light, air and sound.

  4. If you saw Mel GIbson in "Gallipoli," you may think twice about choosing Tom Cruise. Especially after the scene when Mel goes skinny dipping in the ocean. Of course, both are so ugly inside and so homophobic that I'd rather sleep with "Precious" than either one of them.


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