Monday, May 10, 2010


I know, I know. All commercials are marketing campaigns but this one really annoys me. I tried to find a video to post but couldn't. What bothers me so much is not the marketing of a drug but the statement they make in it. "It could be a condition know as Low T." What bullshit. It's low testosterone. Low T is what a bunch of people sitting around a table came up with for this marketing campaign."We can't call it 'your balls stopped working,' and 'We can't be truthful. Who would go the doctor and ask about low testosterone?'"

That's all I have. If you think your balls may not be working as well as they should, here's the 411 on low testosterone:

What is Low T?
Typically, a man's testosterone level is considered low
if it's below 300 ng/dL. Low T can be caused by a signaling problem that occurs between the brain and the testicles that causes the production of testosterone to drop below normal. The brain may also signal the testicles to cut testosterone production if it feels the body has too much testosterone. Low T also can occur when your testicles can't make normal levels of testosterone. Low T is a medical condition that can lead to fatigue or low energy, decreased sexual function, and depressed mood.

Low T affects more than 13 million men in the U.S. over the age of 45. Even though it's natural for men to lose testosterone as they age, the medical condition hypogonadism (hî-põ-gõ-na-dizm), also known as Low T, is not a natural part of aging. Typically, there is no cure for Low T. It is a medical condition that may require ongoing treatment.

The good news is, Low T can be easily diagnosed by your doctor with a simple blood test and treated with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to bring your T levels back to normal.


  1. I have not seen this one...thankfully my balls work just fine ;)

  2. I think, however, that Low T should be required for several politicians I can think of...

    I wonder if Mr. T ever suffers from Low T?

    And, anyway, shouldn't they spell Low T like this: low t?

    Thank you very much. I'm back on Thursday night. Please tip the waitresses.

  3. what concerns me is if a woman's hormones are off, they work up the etiology.
    if a man's hormones are off, here is a Rx for that, but no work up.

  4. Daniel Nelson, MDMarch 10, 2014 at 9:59 AM

    This marketing campaign really bothers me as a physician. When the commercials first aired, a few men began to trickle in asking if they could have a condition called, "Low T". There is no medical condition called "Low T"! I asked them what the commercial was selling or marketing. Nobody knew exactly. I thought to myself that it must be low thyroid, low testosterone, or less likely one of many lesser known hormones or chemical precursors needed by our bodies.

    I finally discovered that the "T" meant testosterone. But coining of the term, "Low T" was and still is an attempt to have a marketing team invent a newly named condition. Ridiculous! It's like my medical group deciding to sell alternators to mechanics by starting an ad campaign that uses vague terms to describe your car's lacklustre performance, and suggest you make an appointment with your mechanic because "It could be a problem known as Bad C". The mechanics would be wondering what the hell "C" is ... carburettor? camshaft? computer? cams? choke? clutch?

    Low T manufacturers and marketers, get off my lawn and quit trying to invent medical terminology. The ONLY reason to do what they do is to avoid having to list side effects, which in the case of testosterone includes some bad ones, even death.


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