Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sorry I missed posting yesterday but I wasn't felling well. I'm better today so enjoy these SEX OFFENDERS. After checking out over 100 mugshots I have determined that Sex Offenders as a group are average looking with average hair (at least those who get arrested and have their mugshot posted on the internet).
TIM star?

Nothing wrong here - except the arrest charge.

Shave the stach or grow the tee and we'll talk.

The suit can make the man.

A little off the top and sides please.

The Carol Brady Flip Fro.

Would be sooo much hotter with less on top or more on the sides.

Kenny Loggins or David Copperfield?

Can you see me now?

My brown and blue eyed guy.

Is this a mugshot or glamour shot?

Sprocket! We dance!

For some reason and without warning, one of my favorite blogs closed shop -- AGAIN -- hip n edgy and before that famous like me. If you know why or where Donnie has gone, I'd appreciate knowing. Until then, I have decided to do my own version of one of my favorite weekly posts of his -- MUG SHOT MONDAY.


  1. none is my type but I'll take the one in the suit, he looks like the one to buy drinks...

  2. Is #1 not wearing a shirt? I think they should add "You have a right to a shirt" when reading the Miranda rights.

  3. I think he looks more like Eli Roth than either Loggins or Copperfield.

  4. #1- David Alan Shuey was such a cocky sex offender. So much, not only is he well-known to local police, but when a fake composite sketch was given to police by the real killer and husband of a woman in town, Shuey looked a lot like it. The eyes, nose and ears. Though the made-up man in the sketch was wearing a hat. It was as if the killer heard of him and seen his mugshot and used his description to throw investigators off. Invesitgators were so certain Shuey was the killer because of his background, that when witnesses supported his out-of-town alibi, it was like a blow to the head for the investigators. In attempt to further throw them off that it was by someone else, he shot himself several times, but carefully missing any vital organs. But later, investigators began to believe he was involved in her murder.


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