Monday, June 7, 2010


Any Chance we could be cell mates?

Strike a pose. 

Why the long face?


Have you seen my comb?

I swear I'm a natural blonde!

You should see the carpet.

For some reason and without warning, one of my favorite blogs closed shop -- AGAIN -- hip n edgy and before that famous like me. If you know why or where Donnie has gone, I'd appreciate knowing. Until then, I have decided to do my own version of one of my favorite weekly posts of his -- MUG SHOT MONDAY. My version will be somewhat different and will hopefully improve.


Robbie said...

Chace! He learned the hard way Texas' drug laws aren't lenient. Very sad.

And oh my Gawd those dye jobs are horrible! :)

Writer said...

Is #2 a mug shot or an in-prison glamour shot?

Mind Of Mine said...

What did chace do?


Michael Rivers said...

Damn. Can I join you and Chace?

Rick said...

Love Mugshot Monday! These are too funny.

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