Saturday, August 28, 2010


After posting about The Tramp, I had numerous requests for a post on Miss Truvy. I originally posted about her over a year ago so I'm doing my very first repost. Enjoy!

Meet Miss Truvy.  We rescued each other seven years ago from the DC Animal Shelter. When we met she immediately started wagging her tail and licking my hand. It was a great introduction but I wanted to mingle. When I cam back to her, she had just eaten and was curled up in a ball with the sweetest look on her face. In all that madness and noise she was sleeping peacefully. I new then we were meant for each other. My friends always say that she won the puppy lottery that day, but I say we both won. 

Truvy has won the gold ribbon at the DC Pride of Pets twice for Most Mysterious Heritage. When people ask what kind of dog she is I always answer, "The Best Kind." Truvy is full of energy, tons of personality and always makes eye contact - like she's trying to bend me to her will. It's very effective. She loves to cuddle and is pictured here comforting my sick nephew.  

Truvy is an alfa. In fact, she's an alfa among alfas. My last bf had a beautiful yellow lab who was also an alpha and Truvy, all 20 pounds of her, would totally control 70 pound Quincy. She would chase her, take the tennis ball out of her mouth, play tug-of-war until Quincy gave up and every few days would climb up on Quincy's back and start humping her. We knew that Truvy was showing Quincy her dominance but we used to joke that Quincy was thinking, "Ahh, just a little more to the left."

And if you were thinking, Truvy, where do I know that name from, yes, she was named for Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias.
Truvy on me, "Daddy, take me for a walk now."

After a first year of hardships and abuse, Truvy has mastered a life of love, comfort and security.


R.J. said...

She's cute!

Steven Anthony said...

what a sweet heart ;)love the name.

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style
Life in the Fish Bowl

Stan in NH said...

So adorable. She's lucky to have such a loving home. I just love stories about all our little puppies. Scratch her belly for me, please!

wcs said...


Rick said...

Truvy! So cute!

cb said...

I love your answer about what kind of dog she is. She is such a sweetie!

You both are welcome to move in any time you like.

Lemuel said...

What a cutie!! She is a dear. She knew when she saw you what side her bread would be buttered on.

Mutts make the best dogs! Our present dog is the closest we have to a "non-mutt". Our previous dogs were mixed beyond recognition. I like your answer to the question of what kind. My anser used to be "She's a Kenardly - Can hardly tell what kind she is".

Kyle said...

A worthy re-post Sean. Truvy looks like such a sweetheart.

Stephen said...

I love her! I wanna hug & kiss her.
You are blessed to have found each other...adshedu

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