Thursday, November 4, 2010


I know we're supposed to still hate Target, even with that homophobe they supported loosing, but this is so cute and such a nice change to all the negative news and events. It's very quick and is something my Trampy does every now and then.

FYI - I noticed that YouTube has new size options for embedding but the smallest width, 560, was still too big. You can customize the size so it fits, you put in the width and the height is automatically adjusted. 425 seems to be the correct size for my blog and YouTube will remember your new setting!


R.J. said...

Terri, my Maine Coon cat, does that too!

I'm still boycotting Target but my stance might change if Emmer loses. It's not official yet and may not be for some time.

David Waters said...

the vid was great.
I must admit I still shop target...I cant help myself.

Ray's Cowboy said...

that was cute.

Y | O | Y said...

I laughed at the little shit.

As an ad man, I wondered if they came up with the idea an trained the dog, or the dog came first and they built the ad around that.

Made me think of my cat that liked to sit on the closed toilet and spin the roll of paper so it unraveled on the floor. My rolls now roll under instead of over.

Ur-spo said...

cute indeed !

Rick said...

That's is very funny. Thank God Bandit doesn't do that.

Kyle said...

OMG! LOL. I was not expecting that Sean. :)

cb said...

Yeah, I had a friend that was boycotting Target. That ended soon enough.

Target's just a business, and businesses support Republicans because of tax breaks.

At least Target TRIES to make their employee's lives better-- unlike Walmart.

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