Sunday, December 5, 2010


I think both movie makers and movie goers have forgotten that movies should be entertaining and that every movie doesn't have to be a huge event. That is not the case with Burlesque, it is an entertaining, fun movie that left me smiling. Just what I needed.

Parts of the movie are bad - the dialog and Christina's acting. Parts of the movie are great - Cher's number, Cher showing Christina how to put on makeup, Cher arguing with Parker Possey, almost every one of Christina's numbers and Cam Gigandet shirtless and sans towel. I did find it surreal that they played Madonna's Ray of Light after a big Cher/Christina scene.

I think people seeing this movie will have the experience they expect to have. I love Cher but am not a fan nor hater of Christina. I have never seen all of Showgirls (I know, bad gay), not a fan of Chicago and Dream Girls doesn't compare. I think the best comparison is Hair Spray. I thought it was okay at first but the more I see it the more I enjoy it. I still think there's too much bad acting and dialog but I love most of the numbers more and more each time I see it. I think it'll be the same with Burlesque.


  1. We saw it yesterday and loved it... like you said, it was entertaining and that is what a movie is supposed to be...i agree with your good and bad points of the movie, but we did leave the movie with me having hold down my man from being to sassy on the way back to the car... hehehe

  2. We went last night...I couldnt agree with you on review:)


  3. We loved it, too.
    Take it for what it is, e-n-t-e-r-t-a-i-n-m-e-n-t.

  4. "I think both movie makers and movie goers have forgotten that movies should be entertaining and that every movie doesn't have to be a huge event."

    I totally agree, and look forward to being entertained by this film.

  5. I'll likely have to wait until it comes out on DVD to see it but I'm looking forward to it.

  6. I loved the movie. You can read my blog all about it. I love Cher. I htink she is going to win a supportive actress oscar for it.

    Hugs to you.

  7. We too found it jolly good fun
    We liked pointing out the many movie references
    Cabaret, Dreamgirls, Chicago, Fosse films, and My Bodyguard too.

  8. I'll be the lone person out, it was not entertaining, it was sad.

    But X-tina's love song and the last song was good. Will it hit Xanadu or Showgirls status? No, but it could be a drunken game movie.

  9. Now I have to go see it. I've been meaning to. Thanks for the review.

  10. I'm off to see this movie on Friday w/ a friend and am very much looking forward to it.

    I figure there'll be some killer music and dance scenes that will make it worth the price of admission.

  11. I didn't like SHOWGIRLS. I'm a bad gay as well.

  12. I agree with you 100% - it's an entertaining and fun movie!

  13. Did you see my review of it? I loved it (and bagged on all the same things you did).

    Except I didn't think Cher's acting was all that brilliant. Her face is so tight the only emotion it shows is "indifference".

    Where was Parker Posey tho? Did you mean Kristen Bell??

  14. CB - I think I did me Kristin Bell.


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