Thursday, January 7, 2010


Actually, it's more accurate but far less titillating to say I fantasize about new tastebuds. Ever since I was a little boy, I have had limiting tastebuds. Growing up, people thought I was picky. As I got older, I went from picky to frustrating to unsophisticated to what-is-wrong-with-you. Never would I get sympathy and it took allot of work and time to at least earn some understanding.

New Year's Eve, Y2K is a humorous tale. My ex's new bf was freaked about Y2K and was hunkered down for the night so my ex asked me to join him and his sister, brother-in-law and another couple for dinner. When we were dating, we all got alone really well so it was going to be a fun evening. The other thing you have to know is they were real foodies and that night we were going to an authentic middle eastern restaurant and we were having a special that had to be ordered ahead of time -- a dinner of 75 different appetizers/dinner samples. Here's the funny part. They knew me and my challenges and had agreed that any plate that I liked, I could have to my self. The first dish I liked was number 27 and the first of just four. You must be thinking that I never eat out. You'd be wrong. Most of the time, I'm able to find one thing on the menu that I like or can adapt to my tastebuds.

New tastebuds wouldn't just allow me to eat out, they would allow me to really embrace cooking. I love to cook and I know if I had an even halfway decent palette, it would be a passion. As it it, most of what I cook I don't eat or even like. I don't even taste it because I can't judge the flavor; however, my friends and family enjoy what I make.

My most recent dinner was inspired by the movie Julie & Julia,  Julia's Beef Bourguignon which I have now made three times, all to great reviews, and amazingly enjoy myself. It's a very simple recipe just very time consuming and a bit labor intensive but oh so worth it!

(this is not a pic of my dish but mine came very close)

So my Friday Fantasy this week is for new tastebuds so I can indulge in more exotic foods and cultivate a passion for cooking. Now if those new tastebude HAVE to come on a new tongue, I wouldn't mind a longer one so that I could delve deeper into something else I love to do. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


epic fail pictures

“Note: Just to let you it is not that we don’t believe in things like that, it is just misleading when you talk about it being billions of years old, when we all know that the world is only about 6,000 years old. So why would I pay so that you can misslead my children, your world is just a revolving(?), ours has a start and an end. God created the world. He created animals and man all in the same week. It was also Adam who named all the animals, they will do the essay ‘Rock and Minerals’ but it might not be 5 pages long, and about billions of years, it will be according to the Bible.”

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I've been in a funk the past few days and hoped seeing It's Complicated would make me feel better and IT DID! This is really a wonderful movie and will meet or exceed all your expectations. SEE IT!

You've seen the previews and they tell the story. Meryl has been divorced from Alec for 10 years when circumstances (their son's college graduation) throw them together and they begin an affair just as Meryl is being courted by her architect, Steve Martin.

This is a crazy great movie. Funny, warm, sexy, funny, sensitive, smart, heart wrenching, funny, sexy, a bit of slapstick, sophisticated and did I say funny because it's very funny.

5 FOR:
  1. Alec Baldwin!!! As an actor I think he's fine but this role will earn him lots of awards. I loved him and he has made me a fan!
  2. Alec Baldwin - he not only steals this movie, he drives away with it in a Lamborghini!! He is funny, smart, sexy, charming, swarmy, and delivers all of the movie's best lines. Cupping Meryl's vajayjay he breathlessly sighs, "Ahhh, home sweet home." "I'm glad you've stopped getting your bikini line waxed. I love you native!" I think I peed!
  3. The chemistry between Alec and Meryl drives the movie and the laughs.
  4. The computer cam scene is 100 times funnier in its entirety and is one of the funniest I've seen in years! The audience and I laughed well into the next scene.
  5. John Krasinski is just delightful and really compliments each of his scenes.

  1. Steve Martin. I'm normally a fan but not in this movie. He has no chemistry with Meryl and his character is totally unappealing. Fortunately, his role is minor.
  2. Steve Martin's face. It looks totally unnatural and ironically, he appears just after Meryl's visit to the plastic surgeon where she goes off on not wanting to look like those women who look so plastic.
  3. We don't get to see the new addition to Meryl's house and Lazy Circles complained that Meryl's life was too perfect when he saw her picking flawless tomatoes from her perfect garden. This observation made me see her character as a nice Martha Stuart without the tv show or the bitchy attitude.
  4. Meryl laughs too much and it becomes distracting.
  5. Hunter Parish. This really isn't a complaint as it is an observation and I'm out of AGAINSTS. This kid has so many teeth he must be related to the Osmonds and I kept expecting his character to either be out or come out. He is cute though.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Can't wait for the next season of True Blood? Well, the Hollywood Reporter is saying that Kevin Alejandro is joining the cast of True Blood and that he and Lafayette will become more than just friends. Apparently Kevin will be taking care of Lafayette's mother and one thing leads to another. The fact that Lafayette's mother is going to be played by Alfre Woodard just makes this even better. I'm ready for the new season!

Kevin should look familiar to you. If you watch tv, you have seen him. He has been on everything, he was Santos on Ugly Betty, Rudolpho on Weeds, Nate on Southland, and he's been on The Young and the Restless, Alias, Medium, Big Love, NCIS, 24, Shark, Burn Notice, Sons of Anarchy, Heros, Drop Dead Diva (LOVE THIS SHOW), and many more.
Thanks CDAN

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Luke's world is rocked when he learns he’s a descendant of vampire hunter Van Helsing and his destiny is to follow in his footsteps.

I liked the show for more than the obvious reason, although it does add to my overall enjoyment. The show is on BBC America, Saturdays at 9 pm est. and is also available online. There are only 6 episodes. If you liked Being Human, I think you'll like this show too.

I don't know how to do screnecaps so I just took pics of my tv. Not bad, right?

Friday, January 1, 2010


It's really a small thing. I woke up this morning but Truvy and Tramp were still sleeping so I turned on the TV and started flipping. To my delight and glee, I discovered that LOGO is the new home of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! It's been years since Buffy's been on TV and I have missed her. Oh I know I could have bought and watched the DVDs but I'm not a DVD watching kind of guy. Woohoo, Angle is tied up shirtless and being tortured! Welcome back Buffy! If you don't get LOGO, you can go to and watch online.

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