Friday, February 26, 2010


Cyndi Lauper and Tori Amos recently collaborated on a track, "Why Don't You Love Me", for David Byrne's new album Here Lies Love. The album is based on former Phillippines first lady Imelda Marcos' relationship with one of her servants.


All the previews for Shutter Island gave me the impression that I was going to see a movie with supernatural elements, what I saw was a very well crafted movie that kept me guessing even after I thought I had figured it out. Which I did.

From Oscar®-winning director Martin Scorsese, "Shutter Island" is the story of two U.S. marshals, Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo), who are summoned, in 1952,  to a remote and barren island off the coast of Massachusetts to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a murderess from the island’s fortress-like hospital for the criminally insane.

5 FOR:

  1. The plot is wonderfully detailed and symmetrical. Sometimes movies like this make you feel like if you zone out for a minute you'll miss the whole movie but not here. 
  2. The cinematography is breathtaking and inspired, especially the dream/flashbacks. My favorite occurs in dream about his wife. Another great detail here is the contrast of the dreams/flashbacks in the beginning of the film vs. the end of the film. To explain more could be spoilery.
  3. There is a scene, small and not important to the plot of the film, that is so creepy that I pulled my feet up onto my seat for several minutes before I put them back down and I noticed that I wasn't the only one. I love when a movie creeps me out.
  4. Jacke Earl Haley gives a riveting and pivoting performance. 
  5. See this film. It is intelligent, challenging, entertaining and beautifully filmed. You'll be glad you did.
  1. I like Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor and think he is more talented than most but it wasn't until about 20 mins into the film that I stopped thinking of Boston Rob from Survivor. If you don't know who Boston Rob is, then this isn't an Against for you.
  2. The film gave me the feeling of being just a bit slow. I don't think it was but it just gave me that feeling and it only lasted for the first 30 mins or so.
  3. Is it wrong to want to see more crazy and frightening patients? 
  4. The biggest problem I had with this film, and it was my problem and not the film's, is that I was expecting 
  5. For such a well detailed film, there were three glaring errors that really annoyed me. First was the number of staff on the island. It had to be 200-300 for just 67 patients. Second, after the storm and the over abundant staff is still trying to catch the patients, there are people cleaning up after the storm, swinging axes while super-dangerously-criminally-insane people are running around them. And finally, ***this is spoilery*** the final shot of the orderly caring the shinny and pointy surgical instrument was totally wrong and done just to elicit a response from the audience.      

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I saw Shutter Island yesterday (5 FOR / 5 AGAINST coming soon) and among the numerous trailers was this for the remake of Death At A Funeral. In addition to looking like a movie I really want to miss, Death At A Funeral is either bucking the trend set by A Single Man and Valentine's Day of hiding it's gay subplots or it's going to exploit it -- and not in a good way. Even a naked James Marsden couldn't get me to see this movie. You be the judge, the gay jokes are at the end of this trailer. Prospero, I think you nailed this one.


"Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth living on the streets and in foster care need our support more than ever. In New York City, the True Colors Residence is going to play a big role in providing these young people with the leg up and encouragement they need. I am thrilled that construction has already begun and I am honored to be a part of this important project." - Cyndi Lauper, commenting on the groundbreaking for the True Colors Residence for homeless LGBT youth in Harlem.

True Colors Residence will be New York City's first permanent housing facility with support services for 18-24 year old lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth with a history of homelessness. The undertaking was conceived by West End Executive Director Colleen Jackson, and by musical artist Cyndi Lauper and Ms. Lauper's manager Lisa Barbaris. The project entails the construction of a new, energy-efficient multifamily building containing 30 studio apartments, indoor and outdoor community space for residents, and a computer room and resource library. The building is named in honor of Cyndi's Lauper's support for the project and for West End, and references Ms. Lauper's hit song, "True Colors."

Funding for this large project comes from a complex group of borough, city, state, federal and private sources. True Colors Residence is scheduled to open in winter 2011.

Thanks Joe.My.God

Wednesday, February 24, 2010




This test pretty much nailed me. I spent the first 25 years of my life on Long Island and never had a strong accent but when I entered my twenties, I started working on minimizing it. Then I went to grad school in MA and worked even harder at minimizing my accent. After grad school, I moved to DC and most people there were surprised to learn I was a New Yorker. Most could place me in the northeast but had to guess from which part.

After spending more than 15 years in DC I still have a northeast accent, and still find that certain words will tongue-tie me. I can't tell you which ones, but it's funny when it happens.
What American accent do you really have?
Your Result: Northern
Your accent is Northern, which used to be the media standard in the '50s and '60s.  Your accent could either be Inland Northern (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo) or the more broadcasting-friendly Upstate NY/Western New England accent.  If you have the Inland North accent, outsiders probably ask you a lot if you're from Chicago or Wisconsin.
North Central
Northeast New England
What American accent do you really have?
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


1. Toilet Paper: Over or Under. Over, and if I'm visiting someone who has it under, I switch it to over and leave it that way.
2. Who replaces the empty roll in your house? I always make sure there is paper before and after I finish regardless of where I am.
3. What do you use if you run out of toilet paper at home? I'm really good at not letting this happen but when it does, there's always facial tissue and even paper towels. In an extreme case, there's always the shower. 
 4. Seat up or down? LID DOWN! I hate when anyone leaves the seat or lip up. They make lids for a reason and I've had too many things fall into the toilet when the lid was left up.
5. Do you leave the door open? I usually close it even when I live alone, it keeps the doggies out.
6. Does your love leave it open? All my past lovers where kinda bathroom shy and tended to keep the door shut. Peeing in front of each other was okay but pooping was strictly a behind closed doors activity...except for that one guy who liked it in his mouth.
7. Do you always check for toilet paper first in a public stall? When I'm in there to poop I do because I need it to cover the seat. If I'm there for a little foot tapping action, I want to make contact with that fluid. 
8. What do you use if you run out of toilet paper in a public restroom? I make sure this never happens. I've learned my lesson and will grab some napkins to bring in with me. Having the napkins also helps keep my hands free from al the nasty germs in public bathrooms and have been using them for like 20 years to grab handles and things.
9. Do you wait until you are alone in a public restroom? When I use the urinal, I'll take the one farthest from any possible neighbor. If I'm in there to poop, I also like to be far from others incase I have to make noises or if it turns out smelly.
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