Saturday, March 13, 2010


Johnny Weir was not invited to participate in the Stars on Ice U.S. National skating tour because tour producers feel that he is not, ahem, "family friendly;" code for homo, There have been loads of rumors that the tour producers and sponsors--one of whom is Smuckers--feel that Johnny is too gay. For ice skating. That's like saying women lumberjacks might be too lesbian for a log rolling competition. Go HERE and sign the petition asking to "Let Johnny skate!" Dammit!

Thanks to Bob at I Should Be Laughing
I was the 7,676 signer.


When your head finally hits your pillow tonight, you will have one less hour to enjoy it because at 2 AM Daylight Savings Time goes into effect and we spring forward one hour.

In addition to loosing an hour, you need to make time to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Be sure to recycle the batteries.

For your added pleasure, Rachel Maddow explains that much of what we think about it is a myth.

Friday, March 12, 2010


These were emailed to me by a reader who I thank very much. They all made me laugh because they are so true!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tragedy struck last night. I was making dinner for Truvy and Tramp when Truvy's bowl slipped from my hand and broke. Truvy rescued me in November of 2002 when she was about a year old. I got her this very deserving bowl as part of Valentine's Day clearance sale. She's had all her meals in this bowl for over 7 years. I'm more upset about it then she is.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


7 Year Old Boy Saves Family

From the Los Angeles Times: yesterday morning in Norwalk which is a little south of Los Angeles, three men with guns invaded a house and told everyone inside they were going to take what they wanted. As the mom and dad were herded into the living room, their 7 year old son grabbed his six year old daughter and headed for a bathroom with a cell phone and locked the door behind them. The boy then called 911.

"There's some guy who's going to kill my mom and dad. Can you come, please? Bring cops ... a lot of them! ... And soldiers too."

The boy thought at the time that his parents had been shot. Shortly after the boy made the call, the attackers broke down the bathroom door. On the 911 tape you can hear the attackers asking who the boy had called. He told them 911 and then the attackers fled without taking anything or injuring anyone.

This kid was brave and smart and quick on his feet. Amazing.
Source CDAN


Catch Up with Lila

The Meaning of Lila is one of my favorite comic strips and one of the very few to feature a gay character. Every so often one of Lila's strips strikes a cord in my life or is particularly funny and I like to share it with you. I thought you'd appreciate a summary of what's going on. You can follow The Meaning of Lila at GoComic or at

Lila is currently unemployed because she was fired by her boss and nemesis, Alexandra, at MetroMart. Boyd is still there and just met Lila's replacement, Britanny. With no job, no man, and no money, Lila is completely unqualified to adopt Annie. Who's Annie? She's the orphan (yes, little orphan Annie) who's being treated for Leukemia at the Cleveland Clinic. Lila became good friends with Annie when she started volunteering at the Clinic.

Lila, volunteering? Well, it was a selfish motive. Lila wanted to run into Dr. Fine, her former pediatrician and long-time crush. To Lila's great disappointment, she found out that Dr. Fine is gay and partnered for many years to Alan. Lila thinks being a mother to Annie will finally give some purpose to her life, but it also may be because she's somewhat jealous of her childhood friend, Drew, who is now married to the once (we hope) philandering Tad, a wealthy doctor--also at the Clinic Drew is also pregnant.

Will Lila find a job and a man? Will she figure out a way to adopt Annie? Will Tad be faithful to Drew? Will Boyd become friends with Brittany and leave Lila at the curb? Keep reading :-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


1-Have a beach house in the Hampton's, or a beautiful bungalow in Spain? I've been to the Hampton's having grown up on Long Island. A bungalow in Spain just sounds peaceful and romantic. Plus all the hot Spanish men!

2-Be a Smurf, or a Peanuts character? Although I think Peanuts is better all the characters except Snoopy are losers. I'd be Papa Smurf because he has magical powers.

3-Direct porn, or star in one? I'd like to star in one because to be a porn star means you have the looks, body and equipment!

4-Spend a week with Martha Stewart, or Oprah Winfrey? I'm not sure Martha is as bitchy as she is made out to be and oh the things I could learn from her.

5-If you couldn't live in America any longer, if you had to, would you live in South America or Europe? I'd live in Europe for the numerous cultures, the history, the museums, and the variety of men.

6-Change your beauty, or be thinner? Despite my answer above, I'd be thinner because it would enhance my beauty and it would be nice to have a flat tummy.

7-Sleep with Mel Gibson, or Tom Cruise? If I knew nothing about either of them and just saw them in a bar, I'd think I'd go for Tom, especially if he's the Risky Business Tom. He just has that all American look that just slays me.

8-Go up in a hot air balloon, or sky dive? I've always wanted to celebrate my birthday by sky diving but none of my friends would do it and I don't want to do this alone. Maybe one day.

9-Give up the ability to ever hear music again, or the ability to ever read again? Since it's just music, I could still hear everything else and I think I could live with that. I think I'd die if I couldn't read books, blogs, sub-titles, directions, emails, signs, not being able to read on a plane or at the beach - no thanks.

10-Be a land animal, or a sea animal? I'm Virgo, a water sign and love the water but I'd pick being a sea animal, a Killer Whale, because they are the kings of the sea, are social, have no enemies and travel.

11-Have breathtaking beauty for the rest of your life, but spend a year in jail, or be just plain looking and never be in jail? At this point in my life, a year in jail would be worth breathtaking beauty and when I got out I should be able to have a career in modeling or acting or as a kept man.
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