Friday, April 9, 2010


Meet True Blood's new gay couple. Ace Showbiz reports:

"Denis O'Hare's Russell Edgington aka 'King of Mississippi' riding a horse is pictured separately from his gay lover, Theo Alexander's Talbot. King of Mississippi is to have a serious business with Queen Sophie-Ann. Meanwhile, Talbot has 'acerbic sense of humor and loves to cook despite vampires' inherent lack of cooking talents.'"

In related news (and not like we all didn't assume this already, but it's been confirmed), Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels on which True Blood is based, says she had the gay community in mind while writing them:

"Speaking to SFX, the author said that she used vampires as a metaphor for 'alienated minorities'. 'Vampires aren't just vampires,' she said. 'Y'know, a cigar isn't just a cigar, they're so useful as a metaphor for alienated minorities. In this case, I was thinking specifically of the gay community.'"

On that note, check out the latest piece of promo art for the series:

Source Toweleroad

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t like our Country very well…

Family Feud did a show where one of the clues was “Something everyone knows about Ellen DeGeneres” and it looks like one of the contestants has been hanging out with teabaggers too much… I guess between being gay, being a celebrity, being a woman, how could she not be trying to destroy America?! Here’s Ellen showing the clip and discussing it.

Via MDW Blog


Top Chef Masters makes it second season debut tonight at 11pm est. before moving to its regular 10pm time next Wednesday. I love Top Chef but Top Chef Masters is so much better. It's all for charity and the Masters really have a good time. It's all the competition of Top Chef but without all the attitude and it's so entertaining to see these master chefs do things in the kitchen that they have been delegating for years. If the format holds from last season, then each week we'll see a group of chefs compete with the winner moving on to the next round where they are narrowed down until the top three prepare the big meal for the $100,000 grand prize.

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