Friday, June 25, 2010


This is kind of embarrassing. I was in a store and having a nice conversation with the cute manager when he says to me, "You have Carol Brady's flip." Excuse me?! "It's not as long as her's but you have the same flip." I just went along with him, he wasn't as cute anymore and I couldn't wait to finish and get to a mirror.

He was/is right. I haven't gotten my hair cut since early November for several reasons. First, that last cut was way too short. Second, my hair is very slow growing - it's all there but it takes its time. Third, as it started getting longer, it was looking cool. I hadn't had hair this long in years. Lastly, my stylist had moved and the thought of getting my hair cut by someone new just made me put it off for another week.

Having hair this long takes a lot of effort to shampoo, I've given up using a hairdryer in this hot weather which I think caused the flip - another week and I can start tying it back in a My little pony tail but worst of all is how hot it is and how it doesn't fit under a hat the way I like.

One last thing. There will be no pictures. I do not want digital evidence of my flip making the internet rounds.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Pretty eyes.

Don't drop the soap cutie.

I'll nurse your wounds.

You've got potential kid.

It looks like his head was cut off and replaced with someone else's.

I think you have it on backwards.

For some reason and without warning, one of my favorite blogs closed shop -- AGAIN -- hip n edgy and before that famous like me. If you know why or where Donnie has gone, I'd appreciate knowing. Until then, I have decided to do my own version of one of my favorite weekly posts of his -- MUG SHOT MONDAY.
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