Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So I'm watching Buffy the other night on Logo as I usually do, I like to watch shows as they air and not from DVD's, when the DVR switched over to Merlin on SyFy for the season finale (it's a cute show from the BBC but nothing special). I always find it interesting when channel surfing to see the same actor on multiple channels. In this instance the connection of Buffy and Merlin is Anthony Stewart Head as Mr Giles in Buffy and King Uther Pendragon on Merlin.

This got me thinking about the first time I met Mr Head and began my years-long crush on this sexy man. We met over coffee, Taster's Choice to be exact but many wouldn't call that swill coffee. No matter, we met and continued our chat over numerous cups of steaming Taster's Choice while gazing into each others eyes. Granted, he was on tv and his gazes were supposed to be at the woman in the commercial, he always seemed to me staring at me. Then as suddenly as it began, our meeting ended. It would be a few years until I found him again on Buffy but by then it was best that we just be friends.

Here is the commercial that started it all and all these years later I have to say that it is smoldering. Very provocative, sexy and humorous. It is worth 30 seconds of your time.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Here's the new preview for season 8 of Project Runway which starts on July 29th.


Jesse James has nothing on this guy.

I don't like the lipstick.

I'd improve this mugshot by brushing more hair over his (her?) face.

He's cute...even with the braids.

Have I posted him before? He's worth it.

He looks to sweet to be a killer.

You've got some dirt over your lip.

"Smile! It improves your face value!" - can you name the movie?
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