Sunday, December 5, 2010


I think both movie makers and movie goers have forgotten that movies should be entertaining and that every movie doesn't have to be a huge event. That is not the case with Burlesque, it is an entertaining, fun movie that left me smiling. Just what I needed.

Parts of the movie are bad - the dialog and Christina's acting. Parts of the movie are great - Cher's number, Cher showing Christina how to put on makeup, Cher arguing with Parker Possey, almost every one of Christina's numbers and Cam Gigandet shirtless and sans towel. I did find it surreal that they played Madonna's Ray of Light after a big Cher/Christina scene.

I think people seeing this movie will have the experience they expect to have. I love Cher but am not a fan nor hater of Christina. I have never seen all of Showgirls (I know, bad gay), not a fan of Chicago and Dream Girls doesn't compare. I think the best comparison is Hair Spray. I thought it was okay at first but the more I see it the more I enjoy it. I still think there's too much bad acting and dialog but I love most of the numbers more and more each time I see it. I think it'll be the same with Burlesque.


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