Saturday, December 11, 2010


I don't think it's really possible to review this movie and not spoil it so this review may seem vague.

I consistently read two things about Black Swan - Natalie Portman is a lock for the Oscar and it's a horror movie. I think that Natalie was outstanding and is a lock for at least a nomination but I don't this is a horror movie, I think it's a psychological thriller falling somewhere in between The 6th Sense and Inception.

The movie kept me guessing right up to the end and I'm still not sure about some of it. The first 2/3's I did not find enjoyable. I was put off by the Swan Queen's (Natalie) meekness and just couldn't believe she could be or anyone would make her a prima ballerina. Also, I found the sexual scenes very uncomfortable and had me looking away - they were intense but not in a romantic way.

The movie blasts off like a rocket around the 2/3's mark and only picks up steam until the credits roll. It is so satisfying to see movie that actually gets better and has an ending that takes your breathe away. Save dinner and drinks for after the movie so you and your date/friends can discuss it.

The cinematography is exceptional and it needs to be because it tells the story as there is very little dialog. The dancing of course was brilliant but the finer details - reflections in windows, closeups and lighting were almost as important.

As outstanding as Natalie was, she had lots of support. Winona Ryder (The Dying Swan) stole all of her 4-5 minutes - absolutely brilliant! I loved Mila Kunis (the Black Swan) and wouldn't be surprised if she received a Supporting Oscar nod. Barbara Hershey (The Queen - The Swan Queen's mother)  was creepy and made my stomach turn.


I'm not the most prolific of bloggers but I do try to blog 4/5 times a week. This week I didn't have much to say and when I tried, it just came out wrong. What's a boy to do? Keep trying I guess.

This is not the 501 post I expected but it is what is. Thank you for hopping into my Jeep and letting me take you for a ride.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I think both movie makers and movie goers have forgotten that movies should be entertaining and that every movie doesn't have to be a huge event. That is not the case with Burlesque, it is an entertaining, fun movie that left me smiling. Just what I needed.

Parts of the movie are bad - the dialog and Christina's acting. Parts of the movie are great - Cher's number, Cher showing Christina how to put on makeup, Cher arguing with Parker Possey, almost every one of Christina's numbers and Cam Gigandet shirtless and sans towel. I did find it surreal that they played Madonna's Ray of Light after a big Cher/Christina scene.

I think people seeing this movie will have the experience they expect to have. I love Cher but am not a fan nor hater of Christina. I have never seen all of Showgirls (I know, bad gay), not a fan of Chicago and Dream Girls doesn't compare. I think the best comparison is Hair Spray. I thought it was okay at first but the more I see it the more I enjoy it. I still think there's too much bad acting and dialog but I love most of the numbers more and more each time I see it. I think it'll be the same with Burlesque.


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