Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The day started off with snow NOT rain like they said. When all was said and done, the 1st storm, yes I said 1st, left about 5 inches of heavy wet snow.

The original forecast called for the second storm to start in the evening as rain, heavy at times, before changing over to some snow. That forecast was WRONG! At just after 7 we were alerted to the arrival of the second storm with driving sleet, pounding winds and lightening and thunder! We are now supposed to get upwards of 10 inches (not manhunt inches which would be nice).  The snow is supposed to come down hard and fast, up to 3 inches an hour. I am really sick of the snow. We still haven't gotten rid of the accumulations - poor Truvy and Tramp haven't been able to poop and pee on grass for weeks.

Speaking of my little ones, Truvy and Tramp don't like thunder. Truvy needs to be in my lap, which is fine, but Tramp barks up a storm. I can't tell if he's scared or not but I am unable to calm him down until the thunder ends.


I wouldn't mind all the snow if I had someone the way they have each other. Sigh!


  1. My sentiments exactly! I'm working at the hotel tonight. I get off at 11 PM. The forecast was for "some" snow at 12. Uh huh. The snow, rain and sleet started at 8 pm. I'm warming up a room to stay overnight at the hotel. Second time in less than a month. I've worked here for four years and these are the first two times I've been stuck. Well, if you're going to get stuck at work, a hotel is the place. I'm sick of this snow, rain, gray, cold, wind.

  2. All I can think of is "Here go hell come!"

  3. I was thinking about you when I saw on my Twitter stream Chuck Todd and Norah O'Donnell were stuck in traffic for three plus hours because of the snow. Hang in there, my friend.

  4. Bandit doesn't mind the thunder but then again any excuse to bark up a storm - must be the Cairn in them.

    We too are sick of the snow! At this rate Bandit won't be going on a patch of grass till June.

  5. You're not too hard on the eyes, Sean. It shouldn't be difficult to find a Mr. Right Now with a real tenner to help you through the storm even if he's not Mr. Right Forever.

  6. From the SW corner of CT., let me just say Ditto to these TWO f---g storms. Snow on my deck is up to the railing tops. I had a Sheltie who hated thunder. Had to hold him by the collar as we sat side by side on the couch, and softly talk trash to him.

  7. I wish you could send some snow this way.

  8. After a very rainy Dec. we are having a very warm Jan. It's been dry and about 75 degrees and the orange tree is heavy with ripe oranges. Life in paradise. A warm hug for you.

  9. Mike - I'd say that was a pretty mean comment but I know you better than that and am glad that you're enjoying such nice weather and fruit.

  10. Well I am sending you warm hugs, that's being a nice guy.


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