Friday, April 15, 2011


I blame OJ. The stupid networks all thought that America would rather watch the trial then their soaps - they were wrong. That's when I stopped watching All My Children. I think thats when most people stopped watching and was the first nail in the soap's coffin.

I grew up watching AMC. I would sit with my mom and we'd watch it together. Even when I wasn't able to watch, remember there were no vcr's or dvr's, I knew what was going on in Pine Valley. I actually met Susan Lucci once! I was going into Lord & Taylor's when I saw this woman loaded down with packages so I held the door open for her and then I told her I'd help with the other door too. That's when I realized who it was! She said, and I'll never forget her words, "Thank you soo much. What a nice young man you are."

So here's my idea. Instead of completely canceling the soaps, why not rework them into 1.5 hour weekly shows for Friday or Saturday night? There is no original programing on those night anymore and I think the demographics for soap watchers would match up well with those who stay home on those nights as well.

What do you think?


  1. I think that is brilliant....what will daytime be without Erica or Vicki(one life to live, also cancelled) I am so sad to see these parts of Daytime History leave the air. I posted about it last night as soon as I heard, I am actually still a bit in shock...a sad sad day :(

  2. Hi Jeep Guy:
    I tried sending you an e-mail but it would not connect.
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  3. Brilliant! Thet haven't done that since the 1980's with Dynasty and Falcon Crest.

    And I am both sooooooooo old and soooooo gay for knowing that.

  4. I've never seen AMC - go ahead and take away my gay card - but it sounds like a worthwhile idea nonetheless. It's got to be just as good as or better than all those God awful Real Housewhores or all those fucking Kardashian spin offs.

  5. I 'grew up' watching the goings on at Pine Valley too in the 80's. That was when I had my very first VCR, a big clunky monster but well worth it because I never missed an episode. I did so enjoy watching Phoebe and her husband (whose name I forget now) and all the other characters. I always thought they were doing an inside joke which made the show so enjoyable. Now Palmer Courtland is gone (James Mitchell) and I don't know who all else. Like you, I think I stopped watching it too when it was interrupted so much. I've always liked Susan Lucci. I'm glad she had a long a successful career. I think they're ending the show much too soon. What do we have now? Nothing. Ah, Ruth Warrick...that was her name! They will all be missed.

  6. Never seen it either but I think the suits at ABC are fucking liars when they say "women work, so they're not home to watch soaps today," then they plan on replacing All My Children with a "lifestyle show" geared towards women. Huh? So which is it? If you're an actor and live in New York, you'd better move to LA and pretend you have a British or an Australian accent because the only way to get work in that business is to be a Brit or an Aussie.

  7. i hate this it is so sad to see my favorite soaps being cancelled. it's a sad time in daytime tv

  8. I am still working through Dark Shadows.

  9. I think they should've cut the shows down to a 1/2 hour each and then used the hour they gained to test the shit-fests that are going to tank.

    When they realized the error of their ways, they could've expanded the shows back out and focused on getting decent writers (except for OLTL which has the uber-fabulous and wicked adorable Ron Carlivati at the helm).

    But who am I to out-guess the network "geniuses"?


  10. That is a great idea.
    I need my Viki/Niki/Jess/Tess/Bess.

  11. Sean, I think your idea makes a lot of sense. Those nights are barren and the people who watch the soaps are likely to be home at those times.

  12. I'll never forget it... it was the summer of '84... my girlfriend (I know, right?) went on vacation to Myrtle Beach for two weeks and asked me to watch her soaps so I could tell her what happened. I was hooked. Young and the Restless, Loving, Bold and the Beautiful, One Life to Live and Guiding Light became my life.... and I watched throughout the years at different points. I also watched Dallas, Falcon Crest and Knot's Landing... I never was a Dynasty fag... take away my gay card.

  13. I think that's a good idea. It saddens me that these soaps are getting the axe. I've gone through many periods of addiction to AMC for it was always on during my lunch hour whether in school or working.
    Sad to see so many people out of work as well.
    But...we sure as hell don't need more talk shows.

  14. Personally I think ALL the soaps have outlived their usefulness to society.


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