Friday, April 8, 2011


First, let me apologize for my uninspired review of Source Code, I guess that says as much about my experience seeing the movie as anything I could write.

There is no lack of inspiration from Insidious! This was a great movie that made me jump in my seat 4 times and after the third time it took a full minute for me to catch my breath! How great is that?!

The movie is full of little details that reveal themselves later and aside from them not leaving the house that first night, no plot flaws. About a third of the way into the movie two things happen. First, it kicks it from 2nd gear straight into 5th and second, you realize this is really a remake (not officially any way)  of Poltergeist only not with poltergeists. A remake as good if not better than the original. Oh, it cost less than $1 million to make and it contained no blood and no swearing (except for bitch).

My biggest complaint is that Patrick Wilson should sleep in boxers only! However, he redeems himself when he applies eye cream before getting into bed! Love it!

There was also a preview for the Buffy The Vampire Slayer remake starring Brandon Routh as Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. If it's as good as Brandon is good looking, it'll be a very good movie.

See Insidious - you'll be glad you did except when you're in bed to scared to fall asleep.


  1. When I read blogger movie reviews like this one I feel like I hit the jackpot! I cannot wait to see this movie -- hopefully tonight.

  2. I totally want to see it, but I refuse to go by myself and there better be a matinee because I'll probably need a few hours of daylight to calm down. Yikes!

  3. love love love scary movies....cant wait to see this one ;)

  4. We saw the trailer and thought it looked good. I'm glad it actually is. Can't wait to see it. :) Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Love it!

    We didn't see that trailer, but "Dylan Dog" is based on the most popular comic book in Europe, "Dead of Night." D and I have made a blood pact 9no, not really) to see it together. Brandon is all sorts of fine, no matter what he's in and the comic doesn't limit itself to any particular sub-genre, but embraces all sorts of supernatural phenomena at once.

    I never got into the "Buffy" series, but love the silly original movie (for more reasons than I can go into here), and I think "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night" may owe some debt to Joss Whedon's first up at bat, but will probably be 10 times more interesting and amusing (not to mention 1000X hotter, thanks to Routh).

    Love ya! Love that you loved this movie as much as I did.

  6. Carlos HATES scary movies.
    I LOVE scary movies.
    I'm trying to find a way to make him think "Insidious" is a comedy until I can get him in a seat!

  7. I'm not big on scary movies... but I do like things like Saw and Blair Witch.. more psychologically thrilling than gore, I guess. This movie sounds like something that makes you think twice... about letting your foot dangle over the bed? That's scary.

  8. Thanks for the recommendation Sean. As Stan said we've been on the fence withthis one.


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