Saturday, May 28, 2011


Had a really tough and long week and I'm exhausted! I think I went a little overboard with the pics this week but be sure to view vid of a puppy growing into a one year old at the end of this post.

This owner had some patience and an idea from the very beginning. Watch his puppy grow a year in just 40 seconds.


Stan in NH said...

Great doggie pics and the video is very cool.
Happy Memorial Day

David Allen Waters said...

I hope your weekend is better than your week my friend:)

great pics as always.

Lola sends her love <3

Rick said...

Love puppy pics...great video too!

Peter said...

Love the vid, did the dog grow so fast because it had to sit and wait for the cookie?

Love the man and his dog too.

Enjoy your long weekend, I know you can use some distraction from the last few weeks.


Robyn said...

It's been a stressful week as well for me. I hope you enjoy the long weekend. We all deserve it.

Mike, Studio City said...

Big hugs for you. We can't go a week without visiting you. Mike and Glenn

DeepBlue said...

Great video and great idea from the dog owner.
I had totally forgotten about the long-time relationship with firemen and Dalmatians. I guess the whole concept is not as popular up here than in the states! Could be a nice theme to develop, but I'm following an other path right now... ;)

becca said...

how adorable amkes me want a puppy

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