Saturday, June 4, 2011


First, my thanks to everyone who participates in A Dogably Pawfect Saturday, you all are writing some amazingly funny, entertaining and cute posts.

These first pics are of me, my second dog Samantha and my sister (I couldn't find a pic of our first dog Sherman). I'm about six, my sister is 3 and Samantha is two. Samantha was a great dog but unfortunately, my parents bought her from a pet shop and we later learned that she had health issues from being born in a puppy mill. We were lucky to have her for almost five years.

Sherman was a different story. She was a poodle/scottie mix, 15 pounds and a holy terror. We got her when she was six months old and we think the family abused her. She even scared my grandpa and he never lived that down. Sherman turned out to be a good dog who bullied Samantha and later Jasmine and lived to be 18! The thing I remember most about her was when she'd come into my room at night and sleep at the foot of my bed. If I moved my feet at all she let me know about it and I count myself lucky that I still have toes left to count.

This is Jasmine. She was given to me for my 13th Birthday and although she never met a person she didn't like, she was truly my dog. My parents didn't want a repeat of either Samantha or Sherman and went to a reputable breeder who specialized in healthy, friendly German Shepard Dogs for families. Yes, Jasmine was a blue blood.

Jasmine loved chasing balls, sleeping in my bed and would push me out whenever she smelled another dog on me and rawhide bones that were too big for her. One of our favorite things to do was to go for bike rides. I'd ride my bike and she'd run next to me for about 5 miles. We were best friends for over 10 years.

What would A Dogably Pawfect Saturday be without a few pics of Miss Truvy and The Tramp?


  1. OMG! I had exactly the same glasses!!! :)
    Lucky you to have grown up with so many doggies around.

  2. I love German Shephards! Jasmine looks so cute lying on her side.

  3. Great photos and an insight in your early years. My sisters were catlovers so there was no place for a dog at that time.

    But when Julius is around for those few weeks every year I have the time of my life. But not enough to have one around me 365 days a year for the next 16+ years.

  4. Wonderful story. Thank youfor sharing it with me and everyone else.


  5. Peter - there are many older dogs that need a good home too and are happy to spend most of their day eating, sleeping and loving you.

  6. This post is but a very small slice of your generosity and kindness. I have always said that a man who loves animal is far superior in so many ways...particularly in matters of compassion and empathy.

    great post.

  7. jeepers you were a cute kid ;) Love the peek into your history...


  8. Thanks for all the compliments! It would have been a much different experience if the kids back then thought so too instead of taunting and bullying me.

  9. Beautiful dogs, Sean. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.
    Becca, get the boy a puppy. You'll never regret it. There are so many needing homes, you have your pick of perfectly loveable doggies. They are so thankful and loving. It's rewarding.

  10. you had me with the photo of The Tramp & Ms. Truvy. Then I read this post and am now following you like a true friend. Great blog, I'm here from Davids blog. thanks


  11. Great trip & photos down memory lane. You were lucky to have parents that would let you have a pet growing up.
    Miss Truvy & The Tramp look sweet. And someone got a puppy cut?

  12. Sean, my first dog was a Shepard. She was very protective of me. If I close my eyes and think back I can still feel my face nuzzling against her fur.


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